12,000-Year-Old Huge Underground Tunnels Extend from Scotland to Turkey (More than 2,700 miles)

Thousands of years ago people were connected with other people from distant regions on our planet Earth. Thousands of tunnels were discovered that stretch from North Scotland to the Mediterranean.

The particular purpose of these tunnels is still unknown, but a lot of people think that the 12,000 years old network served for getting away from predators and being protected.

Anyway, archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kusch in the book Secrets of the Underground Door to an Ancient World says that the huge tunnels in Europe have been found under twelve Neolithic settlements. Actually, these connections were described as ancient highways.

Furthermore, Dr. Kusch says that they have found tunnels long hundreds of meters in Germany. In Austria, they have found even more. So, in Europe, there are thousands of underground tunnels.

Some of the tunnels had chambers and storage places, and that reveals that the ancient people had tools and knowledge of how to construct structured. Also, the pyramids of Bosnia support these discoveries (tunnels long thousands of kilometer).

Moreover, according to Dr. Kusch, the tunnels across the Europe are interspersed with nooks. Also, at some places, there are places to sit, as well as a storage room and chambers. They are a huge network even though they are not linked all.

The recent findings are supported by various more examples. For instance, Cappadocia in Turkey represents the underground city of Derinkuyu – one of the biggest achievements in the history of underground constructions. To be more specific, the stone in Derinkuyu is soft, and that needs one more skill.

Likewise, the ancient monuments as Gobekli Tepe show that people had high degrees of skills. According to Dr. Kusch, at the entrances of the tunnels, there were built chapels.

This was done because the Church was scared of their presence and history, as well as because they wanted to keep the tunnels a secret. Actually, some of the tunnels keep writings and etchings. These allude that the tunnels were entrances to underworlds.

Source: Earth We Are One

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