Blasey-Ford The Liar

If you tell a lie once, you are a liar for all time

“So, tell us, Mrs. Blasey Ford, why did you turn down the offer of a free flight to Washington to answer questions put to you by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding your allegations of sexual assault by the Supreme Court Nominee?”

“I have a terrible fear of flying.”

‘So, tell us, Mrs Blasey Ford, how did you travel from Palo Alto, California to give your testimony today?”

“I flew on an aircraft.”

“Once again, Mrs. Blasey Ford, When you first made your allegations public, how did you travel from your holiday residence to Washington, and then onwards to your final destination?”

“I flew on an aircraft.”

“And, just once more, for the record, Mrs. Blasey Ford; when you travel all over the world in the course of your work and studies, do you go by ship, or travel by InterState coach within the Continental United States?”

“No, I fly in a jet aircraft.”

‘So, we can infer from your replies, which are of course all given on Oath and peril of Perjury, that its okay to fly for work, or for holidays, or indeed to see your folks; but when it comes to meeting with Senate representatives who wish to test your memories of thirty-six-odd years ago; your well-documented ‘fear of flying’ just kicks straight in?


“So, Mrs. Blasey Ford, let us now turn to this famous polygraph test which you stated that you took in a conference room in a Washington hotel?”


“Was the polygraph session recorded? Was there a standard, sealed video camera recording the session, as is normal?

“No, there was not.”

“Was there an audio recording made of the session?”

“No, there was not.”

“When the polygraph session commenced, was there a series of standard questions posed to you, to establish baseline responses from you to the questions?”

“No, there were not.”

“I am sorry to repeat myself, but no camera, no audio, no standardised response questions: nothing at all? In what form did the polygraph test take place?”

“I read out a statement, handwritten by myself, and the man conducting the test asked me if I was telling the truth; and I replied in the affirmative. He also asked me if I was lying, and I replied in the negative. I am not a liar.”

“Thank you, Mrs Blasey Ford, for those most complete and comprehensive answers! I have nothing further at this time!”

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