(by an anon)

1. Trump had a sit down with the King of Saudi Arabia last year. The King held a Sword Dance to honor President Trump.

2. Then last November, the House of Saud got cleaned up. The Ritz Hotel became a jail. A certain Prince was stripped naked and hung upside down from the ceiling, to let the others know they ain’t messing around.

3. While “Deep State” is an American term, let’s call it “The New World Order” or “Global Cabal” for the International level. Anyway, they lose their inside-men within the Saudi Kingdom, as Mohammed Bin Salaam cleans up.

4. The Global Cabal, led by such families as the Rothschild and Paysuer families, need to get back at Saudi Arabia. Specifically, they need to take MBS out. They set a trap, and this Khashoggi character becomes a pawn to be sacrificed.

5. Khashoggi dies. MBS (Mohammed Bin Salaam) is blamed. Ideally this will set a rift between Trump and Saudi Arabia, as Trump will have to give in to pressure, and place sanctions on Saudi Arabia.

6. This doesn’t happen. Saudi Arabia flips the Rothschild’s and Paysuers a big Middle-Finger, and immediately tanks the price of oil. The price of oil falls immediately after the Khashoggi incident. Currently it has dropped $20 a barrel, and is still falling.

7. This is the last thing the Rothschild’s and Paysuer’s expect. They never thought the Saudi king would play economic warfare, and start messing with the Petro-Dollar.

8. The Rothschild’s and Paysuer’s are caught short, with the unexpected loss in energy costs. Their losses in other industries are huge, as they were heavily invested in energy, and expecting those stocks and profits to climb.

9. With the Saudi’s crashing oil, a big squeeze is placed on Iran. Trump reinstated sanctions, and closed loopholes that were open for years, that allowed Iran to sell oil on the Black Market. What little oil Iran is selling now, is worth a lot less.

10. While Iran is “oil rich”, they are terribly inefficient at getting it out of the ground. Their cost per barrel is the worst in OPEC. This slashes their profit margin, and makes them more susceptible to downturns in the market.

11. The Global Cabal, and/or CIA, isn’t funding Iran terrorism anymore. Obama isn’t sending plane-loads of cash to Iran in the dead of night.

12. All of Iran’s funding for terrorism is being dried up, with sanctions and now cheap oil– accompanied by high costs of drilling and refining.

13. Trump and Saudi Arabia are about to corner Iran.

There is Option A: Give up on terrorism, and cut the Rothschild – Paysuer strings, or be overthrown by your own people. If there is an uprising in Iran, Trump and America will support it (unlike Obama).

Option B: Walk away from the Evil Puppet-Masters, and become a peaceful member of the World Community.
First Saudi Arabia, then North Korea, and now Iran…. Remember when Q made that comment?

Iran has a choice, either the hard way or the easy way–but business as usual, is over.

The Cabal (Rothschild-Payseur), never thought Saudi Arabia would be crazy enough to tank the price of oil. They thought the Saudi’s loved money as much as they do. They never thought Trump and the Saudi’s would go on the offense after Khashoggi’s “death”. They thought Trump would play defense, and betray the Saudi King. They were wrong.

Trump and the Saudi King are letting the world know they control the Petro-Dollar now, and will tank the price of oil as much as it is necessary. The strings have been cut, and we have entered Petro-Dollar warfare with the death of Khashoggi. Message to the NWO: Checkmate.

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