UK Government Leaked Secret Document Admitting Intentional Damage To The Economy

UK Government Leaked Secret Document Admitting Intentional Damage To The Economy

This internal leaked document, from the Cabinet Office, which was leaked to the internet looks to be the smoking gun that everyone needed that the whole Coronavirus lockdowns were planned in 2019, but were also plans for destroying the UK ecomony.

“FOI Reference: FOI322150


The following amendment to memorandum circulated to ministers 18 October 2019 remains strictly within the terms of The Official Secrets Act 1911 (section 1) and Official Secrets Act 1989 (Prescription) Order (the “1990 Order”). It concerns the following sections of the memorandum

Section 5 2020-2023 Key Treasury objectives for treasury and Home Office consideration

5b(i) and (ii)

Damage to the wider economy is only achievable by imposing continuing measures to prevent trading amongst the commerce and service industries as a whole regardless of the size of organization. It is likely that strike action, and more likely, general public disorder will occur, which the government would struggle to crack down on without necessary financial sweeteners including generous benefit packages as proposed in Section 3a and 4 of the memorandum Emergency Financial Infrastructure. Any such disorder willbe discouraged by a public health campaign that will bring on board a mixture of health information, analysis and data presented by Government and Independent institutions. All ministers will be complicit in the publication of the health directives using public and private media organizations. The names of considered independent institutions are outlined in Section 11b and 11c of the memorandum. The proposed media organizations are outlined in Section 11e”

The document is typed on Cabinet Office headed paper.

20 thoughts on “UK Government Leaked Secret Document Admitting Intentional Damage To The Economy

  1. This certainly complements other information I’ve come across about this all being pre-planned by governments, but if this is a FOI request, then it is not a leak. Do you have more info or any links about this request/document? Thanks.

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  2. Thank you for your efforts though I’m not persuaded that the “cabinet letter” is authentic. I struggle to comprehend that an official would use language such as “financial sweetener” and not financial incentive and the English spell “organization“ with an S and not a Z. 🤔


    • Thanks for the response.
      I felt the same way when I read that for the 20th time too.
      My logic is that it’s an internal memo.
      In my experience memo’s tend to be less “officially worded”
      If they used a spell checker, some spell checkers use the American dictionaries. So, in my mind, if they are dealing with foreign governments, there’s a good chance they would have a number of dictionaries in their word processing software.
      The aim was to get the document out there for peer review and hope someone else could provide input and analysis.
      The reason I typed the whole thing out, is that the wording doesn’t appear anywhere else on the internet as it is an image.

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  3. It’s the Cabinet Office. I believe that is seperate from the Foreign Office. Also the acronyms wrong.
    Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office – Wikipedia
    The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), formerly known as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) until September 2020, and commonly called the Foreign Office (FO), is a department of the Government of the United Kingdom.It is responsible for protecting and promoting British interests worldwide


  4. although I have absolutely NO DOUBT that the destruction of the economy was PLANNED a long time ago, the letter just doesn’t seem authentic. It also repeats the line “It concerns the following sections of the memorandum”.
    it may well be genuine, it may not. I think we’ll need something more concrete for (non “conspiracy”) people to take this seriously
    Thanks for your efforts, much appreciated.


    • It’s not disinformation unless it’s misleading or lies.
      This was a post which I was hoping someone else might see it and clarify it.
      The Government secretary has since come forward and admitted to being dyslexic


  5. Hi… The woman whom recently admitted that she’s Dyslexic & she’s a Government Secretary… I think that she was the one whom typed the letter above. Also,there was No Need for her to come out & State that she’s Dyslexic… I think that she may of been trying to let people Know… I Personally think that the letter is Genuine.

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