100 Reasons The ‘Covid Pandemic’ is a Fraud and a Pretext to UN / WEF Agenda 2030

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100 Reasons the ‘covid pandemic’ is a fraud and a pretext to UN / WEF agenda 2030

1. PCR tests ran above the threshold for accuracy (35 amplification cycles max) – NHS ran up to 45 cycles resulting in up to 98% false positives

2. PCR test was developed without an isolated SARS-COV-2 sample – genetic material from a common cold was used instead

3. A CV death is classified as a death by ANY cause within 28 days of a positive PCR test

4. No discussion about naturally acquired immunity

5. No attempt to establish whether ‘vaccine’ recipient already has antibodies

6. Masks don’t work

7. Lockdowns don’t work

8. Cancelled operations

9. Merriam Webster changed the 15 year long standing definition of the word ‘vaccine’ in January 2021 to include ‘messenger mRNA’ so that the CV gene therapy injections which did not fall within the previous definition could be classified as such, so these experimental treatments could be mandated as ‘vaccines’

10. There is no such thing as asymptomatic transmission

11. CV experimental ‘vaccines’ do not reduce likelihood of infection or transmission

12. CV infection fatality rate is 0.096% according to the UK government

13. CV was classified as a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK in Jan 2020, but then downgraded from HCID status in March 2020

14.’Vaccinating’ children despite survival rate of 99.996%

15. Eat out to help out

16. Doctors and nurses performing choreographed dance routines during ‘height of pandemic’

17. The W.H.O changed their long standing definition of ‘herd immunity from natural infection’, to ‘herd immunity from vaccination’ in December 2020

18. CV experimental ‘vaccines’ all in phase three trials until 2023

19. ‘Vaccine’ manufacturers are exempt from liability for injury or death

20. SARS-COV-2 was manufactured in a laboratory using gain of function

21. Population adjusted mortality rates for the UK from 1990-2020 (inclusive) show 2020 is position 17 for excess deaths

22. Officially recorded vaccine related injuries including death caused by CV ‘vaccines’ higher than for all other vaccines in history combined

23. Main stream media is complicit

24. Fauci warned in 2017 that a ‘surprise outbreak’ was highly likely within the next 5 years

25. Cheap, readily available cures for CV supressed such as Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

26. Care home residents were denied critical care in hospital and prescribed end of life drugs instead (midazolam / morphine) resulting in over 30,000 deaths

27. 3 weeks to flatten the curve

28. All westernised democracies who are members of WHO / WEF in lock step29. Mass public protests ignored or misrepresented by main stream media

30. UK Cases, hospitalisations and deaths up significantly since the beginning of July in 2021 compared to last year despite ‘vaccine’ rollout

31. Booster shots every 6 months because the ‘vaccine’ protection fades

32. Massive increase in blood clot related injuries, especially in children and young men, following ‘vaccine’ roll out including myocarditis which has an average life expectancy of 5 years after diagnosis

33. All scientists, doctors and nurses who speak out against the narrative are censored – no debate

34. Blanket DNR (do not resuscitate) orders issued in care homes

35. Sweden

36. People who die within 14 days after a second ‘vaccine’ are classified as unvaccinated

37. Government mandated the ‘vaccines’ for care home workers despite no reduction in transmission or infection following vaccination

38. Government have engineered 2021 winter NHS crisis by mandating jabs for care home workers resulting in a shortage of staff and ability for hospitals to discharge patients to care homes

39. Nightingale hospitals built with a fanfare, unstaffed, no patients and then quietly dismantled

40. Boris Johnson caught Covid and was hospitalised but recovered resulting in natural immunity. Then he received 2 doses of the ‘vaccine’ – then he caught covid again

41. Government awarded multi-million pound PPE contract to a pub landlord

42. No biohazard bins for used masks

43. Make your own mask out of an old sock or t-shirt

44. All hospital admissions required to take a PCR test, all subsequent deaths following positive test labelled as CV deaths regardless of cause of death

45. No mask when sat down at a restaurant, but must be worn when stood up

46. Celebrity ‘vaccine’ endorsements

47. CV deaths in 2021 correlate with ‘vaccine’ uptake

48. Government funded media campaigns designed to incite fear and create division

49. Free stuff offered as incentives to be ‘vaccinated’

50. Government coercion, manipulation and blackmail

51. Freedom of information requests to local authorities show no excess funerals or cremations for 2020

52. UK government has ordered 517 million doses of experimental ‘vaccines’ for a population of 68 million

53. Mix and match ‘vaccine’ strategy

54. Event 201 – Pandemic preparedness exercise based on a coronavirus held in October 2019, organised by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

55. Photographs of dead bodies lying in the street in Wuhan January 2020

56. There are already 300 ‘next gen’ (experimental) CV ‘vaccines’ in development

57. ‘Vaccine’ efficacy lies by manufacturers, raw data undisclosed

58. No CV ‘vaccine’ is licensed by the UK government – they are being administered under temporary use authorisation under legislation 174 of the human medicines regulations 2012, which means they are exempt from the governments vaccine injury compensation scheme

59. Government has extended emergency powers for another 6 months resulting in 26 months of continual emergency powers despite no emergency

60. ‘Vaccine’ passports proposed despite no reduction in infection or transmission provided by the ‘vaccines’

61. Average age of a CV death is 82.6 years with several comorbidities (average age of death in UK is 81 years)

62. No discussion about Antibody dependant enhancement potential of CV ‘vaccines’

63. Government advice if you test positive is to stay at home

64. No treatments offered to those with a positive test

65. Backlog of 5.7 million operations

66. NHS overwhelmed as a direct result of government policy (self-isolation even without symptoms)

67. 2010 Rockefeller document details lock-step pandemic response

68. Medical apartheid

69. All westernised democracies leaders promoting ‘Build back better’ slogan in lock step

70. World economic forum – ‘The pandemic has provided an opportunity for a great reset’

71. All WHO / WEF member states CV response policies align with UN agenda 21/2030 (the new world order)

72. All CV ‘variants’ are only 0.3% different to the original

73. Significantly higher death toll in wealthy westernised democracies compared to developing countries

74. Funeral directors reported massive spike in deaths following CV ‘vaccine’ roll out

75. Flu disappeared

76. Nobel-prize winning inventor of PCR test stated it is not a diagnostic tool

77. No government study on health impact of lockdowns

78. No scientific evidence provided by government demonstrating the effectiveness of lockdowns, masks, social distancing or ‘vaccine’ passports

79. Chief scientific advisor to the UK government, Dominic Cummings, broke his-own lockdown rules

80. Matt Hancock had an affair with his assistant when we weren’t allowed to sit alone on a park bench

81. Global trading website confirms CV-19 tests were bought & distributed several years in advance

82. Every single SAGE prediction has been wrong

83. Governments own published data contradicts many of their own claims

84. Hospitals were never at full capacity

85. Ventilators killed patients

86. Masks are bad for your health

87. Long term effects from the ‘vaccines’ are unknown

88. The EU was preparing for ‘vaccine passports’ at least a year before the ‘pandemic’ began

89. After the USA and UK government, the two biggest funders of the W.H.O are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & GAVI (the vaccine alliance) – which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

90. Bill Gates recently met with Boris Johnson to discuss ‘how to prevent future pandemics’

91. Bill gates said ‘vaccines’ are ‘his best investment ever!’

92. The vast majority of CV associated deaths are now in the ‘fully vaccinated’

93. The UK government previously stated ‘no plans to vaccinate children’

94. Children can receive CV ‘vaccine’ without parental consent

95. Plans to vaccinate children as young as 5 years old

96. Health secretary Sajid Javid said ‘no jab, no job’ policy would ‘boost uptake and protect others’ despite the ‘vaccines’ not reducing infection or transmission

97. Doctors, nurses and care home staff who worked through the ‘pandemic’ are now being dismissed for declining the ‘vaccine’ on the basis their patients are at risk, despite the ‘vaccines’ offering zero protection from infection or transmission

98. UK government wasted £37 billion on a failed track and trace application (where did the money go?)

99. The rise of ‘fact checkers’ who are funded by big pharma

100. Increased surveillance and censorship of information contrary to the narrative

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