UN Agenda 21 – An Easy to Understand Guide Where They Want To Take Us



Agenda 21/2030 – Build Back Better

World War II was not exactly what you have been told. Germany surrendered – that’s true. Germany also signed a 99-year submission agreement to the United States which is still in effect.

However, although physical Germany surrendered, Nazi’s never surrender. Hitler and his inner circle went to Argentina using special submarines. Hitler was never killed. Like all world leaders, he had several duplicates, and it was one of the duplicates who was sacrificed. In the United States, for example, every US president in recent times has travelled with a few duplicates. These are ordinary people who look similar and can be made to look almost identical with modern plastic surgery who are recruited and paid to perform this “service”.

Recently, you may recall, some of the mini subs used in the escape to Argentina surfaced during a violent storm. They were deliberately sunk and were designed to remain undetected forever.

About ten thousand of Hitler’s top operatives and scientists were brought to the United States under top secret “Operation Paper-clip” and given new identities. Once they settled in, the United States quietly became a Nazi country and Hitler’s agenda of world domination continued.

So, you see, the Nazi’s – who, incidentally, were already working with aliens – really won World War II and their agenda was never interrupted and continues in full force today. So, now you know.

You could guess something was “not quite right” if you looked back at “official” history. Theoretically, the US won the war. Germany and Hitler were vanquished. Europe was in ruins, but there was no real damage to the US. The US was now the most powerful country in the world. The victorious soldiers returned eager for all the girls waiting to become wives. The baby boom began. Everything was fine.
So why, at this time, was it necessary to pass the national security act and set up the NSA. Everything was, theoretically, more secure than it had ever been before. What gives? Of course, as people were to learn later, the seeds of a great change had been planted – a change that the ordinary people were never supposed to know anything about. The New World Order had begun.


A little over one hundred tears ago, around 1913, the ruling elite came up with a novel idea. They decided to begin construction on a secret world just for themselves underground, right here on Earth.
The idea was that, since it was out of sight, the ordinary slave people who lived on the surface would never know or even suspect that it existed. Today, the planet looks like a lump of Swiss cheese with underground tunnels connecting huge military bases and also huge cities where the “chosen” people can live in complete secrecy.

The cities and bases are tremendous and new construction never stops. If you discretely hang around Dayton, Ohio long enough, you will freight trains loaded with limestone chips being hauled away. They come from the new construction in the underground base centred around Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The underground secret base stretches beyond the boundaries of the surface base and into adjacent states. It is continually being expanded.

The cities are tremendous too accommodation perhaps 100,000 residents or more. Every amenity is available. It is like the Camelot song, “The rain may never fall till after midnight – by eight the morning fog must disappear”.

Today, everything important happens underground. The surface has been largely abandoned. That’s why you see little attempt to maintain surface infrastructure. It is obsolete. So are the people who live there. The plan is to kill them. This plan is known as “The Great Culling” and is part of Agenda 21.
When Agenda 21 says “make the Earth sustainable” it means “exterminate unnecessary people”. Then, there will be plenty of natural resources for the “chosen” who have permission to live on into the “new world”.


Back in the 1960s, you may recall hearing the phrase “brain drain”. Prominent scientists were disappearing. Their friends and families would get a call from them saying something like “they had some urgent business and had to go away for a while”. No one ever heard from them again. They had been chosen and agreed to leave the world you know to work on secret projects both here on Earth and also off world.

Since then, many colonies have been established on the moon, Mars, moons of outer planets in our solar system, planets in other solar systems and locations in parallel universes.


You have been asleep for about seventy years now, and you have missed quite a bit. The world seemed pretty much the same while you were “sleeping” but, behind the scenes and shielded from your eyes by “national security” lots of changes have taken place about which you know absolutely nothing.

Contact has been established with various alien races. They walk among you and work together in secret bases. In Area 51, scientists from Russia and China work alongside aliens and US scientists.
They have been quietly doing this for years. Meanwhile, an elaborate choreographed dramatization has led you to believe all is well and nothing has really changed as you quietly drink beer and watch the “bread and circuses” foolishness on TV.

There have been many incredible discoveries. Space travel and time travel have been perfected. Cures for all known diseases have been developed and quietly locked away available only to the “chosen”.
Much new technology has been obtained through alien exchange programs including devices which allow the “chosen” to live physically forever.

Colonies have been set up off world. Carefully selected families live there. There is also
interdimensional travel between parallel dimensions or “universes”. People come and go, but you haven’t noticed.

In your dream world, not much has changed. However, in reality, you are seventy years out of date, and you are now “obsolete”. There are no plans to ever tell you the truth or “reeducate” you. In fact, there is no use for you at all. Therefore, you are to be eliminated.


From time to time, whistle blowers reveal secrets and hackers manage to break into top secret files. The government does its best to stop them and kill them before they talk, however they are not always successful.

Gary McKinnon [1], as a young man in Britain, managed, using just a dial-up internet connection, to break into top secret US systems and obtain evidence of UFO’s and “off world” activities. He saw pictures of alien craft and obtained a list of military employees whose addresses were listed as “off world”. Of course, the US attacked him and wanted him extradited to the US so they could lock him up in solitary confinement until he died. However, the boy had medical issues and, knowing that what would be done to him would violate EU humanitarian laws, the request was refused. However, it appears he was persuaded to stop talking about what he had discovered.

There are many good books documenting top secret technologies which are in use today. It is pretty much established as fact, for example, that the B2 bomber has antigravity drive and can continue to fly with its conventional jet engines shut off. This and other good stuff is covered in the book [7].

There is considerable hacker evidence available today on the internet covering many areas of top secret material.


Al Bielek [2], Preston Nichols [8], and David Cameron all had experiences with time travel, space travel and aliens and their stories support each other. Therefore, their revelations cannot be simply dismissed as crazy talk.

Al Bielek – because of his experiences in time travel – claims to have achieved a status equivalent to a “made man” in mob circles and, therefore, the government could not kill him and he was free to travel and speak on top secret subjects without interference.

Since all these men either have books available and/or free videos on YouTube, there is no reason to repeat their claims and stories here. Therefore, you are refereed to their personal accounts if this subject interests you.


This is the structure of time in the physical universe:

This is Al Bielek’s model and, if you watch his free YouTube videos, he will explain it. A place in time and space is specified by five vectors. Four of the vectors are “inside” the doughnut (actually, it is more of an ellipse than a doughnut) and vector five wraps around the outside. If you specify all five vectors and have a working time machine, you can travel around just like Doctor Who.

This is the structure of the part of the physical universe where you live: [3]

It is not the only one and so you can travel to so-called “parallel universes” if you know how. Many people come and go from Earth to these places using what appear to be normal airliners (commercial planes) but which have special modifications. No one ever seems to catch on.

If you had been born in an illuminati family, you would have learned this stuff as a child.

Experiments in time began in earnest in 1943 with the “Philadelphia Experiment” and continued through 1983 with the experiments at Montauk. Unfortunately, the Earth scientists were novices at this.
Remember, advanced civilizations have been doing this stuff for millions of years and so it is no big deal for them. Anyway with a bit of deliberate misguidance from their alien friends, and being completely unaware that the Earth has a twenty-year biorhythm cycle peaking around August 14th., they managed to knock the planet off of its original timeline and onto some new random timeline and so altered the future of humanity.

The Real Tesla Coil

There are four coils. The three at the top are circular and aligned with the three classic axes, X, Y and Z. The fourth coil at the bottom is square. Once the top three coils are correctly tuned and locked onto universal references, the fourth coil at the bottom can be adjusted for navigation to other places, dimensions or what have you. Tesla received help from the Pleiadians. They are a very old and highly Spiritually advanced race. They helped Tesla because Tesla sought knowledge to help the human race advance. Unfortunately, the government, which is pure evil, took his work, suppressed it and used it for evil. If this had not happened, we would all know about and have access to free energy and many other things today. Your government will never let this happen and routinely kills anyone who gets close to rediscovering Tesla’s true work. However, they have it and use it for themselves and their friends.


Because of apparent incompetence during experiments with time, the planet Earth has been displaced from its original timeline to a new random timeline. The events that were scheduled to occur appear to have been erased from time and the original timeline may not be recoverable.

Here are the two timelines as described by men who visited them:

ORIGINAL: Robert Monroe – year 3000 [4]

The planet exhibits natural spiritual evolution. People mainly use their Astral bodies and “park” their physical bodies in some safe place. No technology is reported. You would expect to find this in any advanced culture because advanced creatures have no need for technology. Technology is not an attribute of a Spiritually advanced civilization. Refer to the books on out-of-body experiences authored by Robert Monroe.

CURRENT: Al Bielek – year 2749 [5]

The planet has stabilized in conformity with the Georgia Guidestone. There are only 500 million people living on Earth. Technology is extremely advanced and the people are governed by an artificial intelligence computer which controls everything and dispenses justice. The world is similar to the fictional world of “Logan’s Run” except that you do not have to die at thirty years old. There is no money or financial system. All necessities are free and guaranteed. Reasonable access to luxuries is also guaranteed. However, the world is Spiritually barren. There is no indication of any knowledge of or desire for Spirituality. The elders worry that the culture may become unstable because – except for
comfort and pleasure – there is no purpose to life. Refer to the free YouTube videos by Al Bielek referencing his trip to the year 2749.


“We are the children, the last generation
We are the ones they left behind”
-Tina Turner “We Don’t Need Another Hero” [L1]

Sorry, but you are the last generation. And, you have been left behind. The others have moved on – to new colonies on other worlds as well as to parallel universes. No one is coming to collect you. You are to be abandoned here. There are some proposed uses for you, and we will cover those a bit later. Also, remember many aliens consider you to be a tasty delicacy.

Tina Turner is a practising Buddhist. You might want to pay attention to the lyrics in her songs because, if she is advanced enough in her Spiritual practice, she would have the ability to know the future.


You have probably heard the phrase “barefoot and pregnant”. In today’s world, this translates to “need to know” and “compartmentalization”.

Let’s begin with an example: Let’s say you and your mate live on a farm in an isolated area. You start thinking and get a clever idea. You say, “We can make kids. And, they will know nothing unless we tell them”. So, if you have a girl, you teach her to cook and wash dishes. That’s all she “needs to know”. When you have a boy, you teach him to plant a garden and take care of farm animals. You tell them never to leave the farm because “monsters” or whatever you want to dream up will get them. They must stay put so “you can protect them”. After a dozen or so kids, you can sit around and do nothing while they faithfully do all the “grunt” work.

Now, if you actually did this and got discovered, there would be a big stink about how you abused your kids and ruined their lives. As a parent, you have a duty to prepare your kids to survive in the real world and most parents do their best to accomplish this.

However, your government does not. They behave exactly like the farmer in the example.
Governments, like parents, have a natural obligation to raise competent citizens. However, they do not. They have developed this idea that only the elites should know the complete truth and that everyone else should be locked in an “information prison” and only be allowed to know what they “need to know” to serve the elites as obedient slaves. So, you don’t need to know that there is life on other planets, and you don’t need to know things about yourself like your Astral body and third eye. If you knew too much, you might refuse to be a slave.

The American Indians lived a basically hunter-gatherer lifestyle. They had no technology. That’s why it was so easy for us to kill them when we came here and stole their land to create the United States.
However, from time to time, the “sky people” would come and visit them. Obviously, these aliens did have very advanced technology. However, the Indians just accepted them. They were apparently friendly. They hung around a while and then left. The Indians did not go into some state of “mass insanity” because beings from other planets occasionally dropped by. So the argument that the people of today – who are obviously more familiar with technology than the Indians were – just “could not handle”
knowing the truth about the alien races that visit here is pure bunk. The real reason is that it would be a threat to the power of the ruling elite if people knew the truth.

This attitude can’t be universal. It is doubtful that intelligent societies on other planets treat their people this way. It appears to be an aberration unique to Earth which may result from a fundamental flaw in the encoding of human DNA. There are indications that Earth humans did not come into existence naturally but were created or modified by outside (alien) forces who did a sloppy job encoding the DNA.
However, there is also an indication that, since Earth humans were intended to be temporary slaves who would be exterminated when their mission ended, the sloppy encoding was not considered to be a problem. However, this did not happen. Instead, the humans were abandoned here and left on their own to eventually form the world we live in today. If the Homo sapiens sapien race had developed naturally without artificial “jump starts” from external forces, life on Earth today would probably be completely different and bear no relationship to current “reality”.

There is an old sci-fi book [6] based upon the premise that a group of humans from Earth were taken to another planet as embryos where they grew up and evolved without any of the influences which existed on Earth.


The Long Method

The long method has already been activated. It was first suggested many years ago by think tanks worried about overpopulation. Actually, there is no overpopulation since the Earth produces enough food to feed three Earths. However, that is not how the elite define overpopulation. To them, overpopulation means more people than they need to service them as slaves. Because of technology, fewer slaves are needed and to have too many people always entails a risk that the slave masses will rise up and overthrow the ruling elite. So, the size of the “herd” – as they like to call you – must be controlled.

So the think tanks recommended that ways be found to decrease the birth rate and increase the death rate among the slave class. One of the first programs was to develop “the pill” for women since it was doubtful people would ever stop having sex. Next, cures for diseases were suppressed and new deadly diseases – such as AIDS – were created. Then, legalized abortion took out about 25% of pregnancies.
Later, when most food was processed food as opposed to natural food, it was easy to put in “additives” which were really slow poisons. GMO foods were a great way to create real looking food which, in reality, was not fit for human consumption and caused cancer and sterility in later generations. Later (and this is reportedly Bill Gates main responsibility now as a Bilderberg member) vaccines to be given free to undeveloped countries were tainted with agents designed to cause permanent sterility. And, of course, there were also deliberately created viruses for “natural” pandemics to quickly take out populations such as the new enhanced Ebola reportedly designed by scientists at Tulane University and tested in Africa killing almost twelve thousand people. And, of course, there is the classic method,
namely, war.

The Short Method

The short method necessities more direct methods. Now that a completion date – 2030 – has been specified, the world elite wants you dead by 2030. Those chosen to live on into the “new world” reportedly have been given a “ticket” which will allow them to access to some protected area – most likely underground – when the culling begins. There are reports that the US has already requested an extension to the year 2050. The US has a problem because its citizens are armed and the US Constitution guarantees that right. So, some way must be found to disarm the general population before the mass killing begins since, obviously, they would resist being rounded up and killed. Once the guns are gone, they will be sitting ducks. So far, psyops showing people with guns doing horrible things have not been sufficient to emotionally traumatize the population so that they will agree to gun confiscation. However, the planners are giving it their best shot and even having the President pretend to cry.

You probably don’t know, however reportedly the US, sometimes directly but mainly through its contractors, kills about one hundred thousand people every day because they dislike them for some reason. Also, your “crying President” – and this has been reported in the news – sits down every Tuesday with a stack of index cards – each representing a human being – and calmly checks off who is to be murdered.

The Great Culling

The concept of “the great culling” is not new. There were quite a few foreign students when I was in college who, of course, came from “well-placed” families, and they knew about the plan. However, since we were all being groomed to be future aristocrats, it was not considered an issue because such things would not affect us. However, now it is “crunch time” and, unless you have “a ticket”, the grim reaper is on the way to see you.

The FEMA Death Camps

The FEMA death camps are interesting. We know that they are highly automated killing centres where people will be loaded onto conveyor belts which will take them to be slaughtered at the rate of sixty per minute. However, all this seems expensive and complicated when you consider all the other ways available to kill people. After all, humanity, over the years, has honed its killing skills into a fine art.

So, we want to look a little deeper. Why do you need to transport people to a special central location just to kill them. Well, if you have watched the free YouTube video “A Rothschild Speaks Out” by Project Camelot, you know that the US has perfected the technique of taking people’s Souls out of their body and putting them “in storage until needed”. So, why would you need to store people’s Souls. Well, for one thing, Souls are the only thing advanced science cannot create. Only God can create a Soul. However, scientists can and do manufacture human bodies and also human clones. And, these “creations” need to be animated by Souls.


We assume you have read the classic “Brave New World” by Huxley. In case you haven’t, there is a BBC production based on his book which you can download free from YouTube.

Now, recall that Huxley’s “new world” involved manufacturing people with different levels of intelligence and also with desires to be used as slaves. In fact, they loved to be slaves and had no desire to be anything else. The “Alpha Class” consisted of regular people who had not been modified or degraded and this class ran the new world.

Part of Area 51 as well as other locations are now manufacturing people. It would not be difficult with today’s technologies to actually create Huxley’s “Brave New World” for real. The people with the “tickets” are the chosen elite. They will be the “Alpha Class”. They are not going to want to do any physical work in the new world. Therefore, they will need slaves. Creating perfect slaves who have no desire to be anything except slaves would solve this problem. Of course, they would need Souls. So now you may be beginning to see why there is a need to steal the Souls of those killed in the great culling.

Another use for stolen Souls is as “temps” to use in clones until the original person is near death and needs to switch his/her Soul to awaiting younger clone. Then, the Soul extraction technique will be used to put the “temp Soul” back in storage and the old person’s Soul in a fresh body.

Now, all of this is pure black magic and is a direct violation of Universal Law and specifically IGC Directive One. Since the penalty for this, if apprehended, is banishment from God’s Creation, these people must take care not to be caught. Consequently, they love this planet with all its underground hideaways and the fact that it is controlled by some of the most evil black magicians in the entire universe. They intend to make this their permanent home. It will also be your permanent home if they capture your Soul. Now that the year 2030 has been officially given as the scheduled completion date, if you disagree with these plans, you have less than fourteen years to take action to put a stop to this


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Catalogue OF KNOWN ALIEN RACES http://exopolitics.blogs.com/files/russian.secret.alien.races.


[L1] Reproduced in accordance with the “fair use” provision of Title 17 U.S.C. § 107 for a non-profit educational purpose.

The Annunaki – How They Shaped Our History


I’ve been extensively researching the Anunnaki timeline wondering how certain players like the Rothschilds and Merovingians fit in to the narrative. It’s clear they are running the show when it comes to politics, money, religion, media, education, eugenics, basically mass manipulation. I was always under the impression the Rothschilds were part of a very old, deeply rooted Babylonian cult serving Enlil, possibly his granddaughter, Isis, as there was a very powerful order named the Cult of Isis. When Marduk takes Babylon, this cult of Isis moves to Egypt and begins their infiltration process…Thoth already exiled by Marduk.

Here in Egypt, under the secret control of a Dark Babylonian, Enlilian Cult of Isis, we see corruption of the Pharaohs; they become brainwashed, obsessed with gold, swap loyalties between gods, brainwash their people, the Hebrews, who in my opinion, are just Babylonians (Enlilites) who fled to Egypt after Marduk took Babylon.

So if “God’s” chosen people are the Israelites, being freed from the oppression of the Pharaohs brainwashed by Enlilites (Enlil is Yahweh), then whose people are the Israelites? To me, the answer is in the name…they are the people of Isis and Ra El, Isis, mother of earth, and Marduk (Amen Ra). So the original Israelites are Enkiites, not Enlilites. The original Hebrews are followers of Enlil.

The entire conflict between Moses and his brother, Pharaoh at the time, was all about whose god could kick whose ass, Enlil on the Pharaoh’s side, and Marduk for Moses.

So the Israelites wander the desert for a while, probably a newer desert, which confused them because they were told it was paradise. They were looking for a land that had previously been nuked by Enlil and left to waste. I don’t think Marduk knew this. After a long conversation Moses had with Marduk, Marduk decides the Israelites were too far gone, brainwashed by Enlil elitists who demanded worship, repent, and sacrifice, things Marduk was not about. Marduk, like Enki and Thoth, wanted consciousness to rise, not submit. Enlil wanted submission.

So then we have these Israelites visiting all these space portals, Sinai, Jericho, looking for the control center at Jerusalem. Seems like a normal thing to do if the “promised land” is either not on this earth or deep underground inaccessible, possibly in the Halls of Amenti where Enki and Thoth reside in suspended animation.

After Alexander the Great conquered everything, from Greece, to Egypt, to Babylon, to Persia, he is said to have met Marduk in Babylon. This is where I think we see the end of Marduk’s physical presence on earth, for a while. I think he is in suspended animation like Thoth still but this mass invasion is when Enlil “checkmates” Marduk and regained control of Babylon.

Coincidentally around the same basic time, a little before, the Pharaoh Akhenaten had declared that Egypt was no longer polytheistic, worshipping all the Anunnaki, but monotheistic, worshipping the one true god, Aten, he called him, but it was really Amen Ra or Marduk. Amun being Enlil. After Akhenaten was murdered, the Babylonian Brotherhood of Enlil brainwashed his son Tutankhamun with vast wealth and destroyed nearly all records of Akhenaten and his philosophy. Notice the last letters in their names. Aten meaning Marduk, Amun meaning Enlil. We literally see the power shift here. Well, Akhenaten’s council managed to escape the Dark Brotherhood and found refuge in North America, likely Nova Scotia. A lot of old Free Masonic values are originally based on the belief system of Akhenaten. Many Rosicrucians knew of him and his followers. (Kensington Rune Stone). Even the founding fathers, or the real founding father, Francis Bacon, all talk about Akhenaten.

So in my research, I’ve found that Marduk was usurped by Enlil during this time period. I think Alexander the Great and Akhenaten were both failed agents of Marduk, and Enlil’s Dark Brotherhood weeded them out.

This is also where we see the rise of the Merovingians. The Merovingians and Rothschilds are the two bloodlines representing Marduk and Enlil, Rothschilds for Enlil, Merovingians for Marduk…both rooted in Babylon, just the Rothschilds came from before Marduk took power. You can easily trace this knowledge. Considering the Merovingians stem from Alexander the Great, leading down to the union of Cleopatra and Caesar and so forth. Constantine was Merovingian (that should be an eye opener…Council of Nicaea anyone?). And then there are the Rothschild Enlilites, stemming back all the way from when Enlil has control of Babylon, created Babylonian money magick to enslave it’s people. (Knowing the Rothschilds, isn’t this exactly what they do today with fractional reserve banking and their central banking system?)…but I’m gettin ahead of myself.

Flash forward a little, and we have the rise of the Pharisees, who in my opinion, are no more than Enlilite elitists, probably stem from this Dark Babylonian Brotherhood. The Pharisees clearly are not loyal to Thoth and Enki, however the Essenes are. The Essenes would create avatars for Thoth or possibly Enki to return if needed. And without Marduk around, I’d say the Pharisees, Enlilites controlling the Romans, were running rampant and Thoth thought it was time. Well the Pharisees/Enlilites knew the Essenes were doing this, and they hunted down Yeshua (Jesus), the avatar for Thoth. Yeshua evaded them and then began his training at his “father’s house”, the Temple of Poseidon, the house of Enki in Atlantis before it fell. The original lodge of the Great White Brotherhood, some say it ended up underground with Atlantis, some say it is in the Tibet mountains, I’ve heard Hittites before; I’m not sure on location but that’s where Yeshua went for 18 years, A) to learn to become an ascended master again in his new avatar, and to hide from brainwashed Romans/Pharisees aka Enlilites. Notice how Yeshua just sort of knew what he had to do. This is because when Thoth reincarnates, he gets to keep his memories from his previous avatar (Emerald Tablets). In rebellion and spite of the Pharisees’ manipulation tactics, Roman Emperor Constantine portrays Yeshua as this savior of man, only son of god, Horus, the Sun god of Egypt, and gets everyone worshipping him as “Jesus”. He even changes the worship day to”Sun”day, which is not the last day of the week, the day of rest. That day was named Saturday…hmmmm? The holidays he intertwined into Christianity are based around Horus and Ishtar, reincarnations of Marduk and Isis. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Osiris, a reincarnation of Enki, father to Horus (reincarnated Marduk). Easter is the celebration of the fertility goddess, Easter/Ishtar/Isis/Mother Earth. Weird how Easter is celebrated about 9 months before Christmas….hmmmm. And don’t even get me started on that human sacrificial, cannibalistic ritual that takes place every “Sun”day. See what they do?

So after the Romans get tricked into murdering Yeshua for the Pharisees, the Romans get pissed off, having betrayed their Sun god, Amen Ra (Marduk). This happens some 90 years later, but the Romans start to become Christian and exile the Pharisees after they’d learned what had really went down with Yeshua. Basically their loyalty was lost and needed a new manipulating religion, and they chose Christianity. The Pharisees then regroup in a place called Khazaria. Here is where they were finally able to practice the Talmud, aka Satanism according to Yeshua, the real way they wanted to. There are two Talmuds, the one used today and the Babylonian Talmud. The Babylonian Talmud is messed up, encouraging pedophilia, blood sacrifice, really egotistical, Satanic stuff, describes people as worthless slaves; it’s almost like it was handwritten by Enlil based on his beliefs about humanity. It gives very little spiritual advice like the Kabbalah does, just sort of brainwashes people into submitting (sound familiar?)….Enlil repressive control.

The Satanic Khazars were out of control, stealing all supplies and food from traveling merchants, stealing kids for sacrificing rituals and generally just doing the most evil things imaginable in public. The Roman Catholics decided they were not going to have this anymore and made the Khazars choose an Abrahamic religion…they chose Judaism. So they killed off a bunch of the last tribes of Judea, possibly all of them, stole their stuff, their heritage, their destiny, like they always did. These are today’s Zionists. Well, China, and the newly forming Russia decide to double team Khazaria and take them out. From here on out you will always see China and Russia being stomped on by Rothschilds in power. They held the grudge big time, it’s still evident today.

Khazarians once again scatter, some I think join the church becoming the Knights Templars, some form their own societies. During the dark ages , and the rise of the Templars, this is where we really see a very dark turn in Catholicism, we start to see secret societies branch out exponentially. After the Khazars scatter out, the Church goes on a rampage to hoard all esoteric knowledge. I think they were unaware of just what kind of knowledge the Khazarians had and were now terrified others possessed it too. They find, burn, torture, and kill anything and anyone that contains knowledge which may interfere with their mass manipulation. This is all still just Marduk vs. Enlil, and now another half-Anunnaki player known as Nannar Sin or Allah, the moon deity.

Now Marduk is back, and taking back some of his power and influence through the Roman Catholic Church, and using his bloodline, the Merovingians, to do so. Roman Emperor Constantine was Merovingian, who basically painted Jesus as this messiah. Why? Because the Pharisees, the Enlil clan hated him. The new Talmud says he was a murderer and a fraud. Both were plays to control the masses because everyone had such an infatuation with Yeshua. The Medicis were Merovingian, who basically ran The Church for a while and built the Renaissance. After the Khazars fell, the Merovingians and Marduk took back over.

This lasted a few hundred years, until the Rothschilds step in…Enlil starting to regain position. The Rothschilds stem back from the kings of Khazaria, who stems back to the Pharisees, Dark Brotherhood, true Enliltes. They take Babylonian money magick to the next level. They almost immediately take control of the Medici banking empire, don’t give two craps about who sits on the throne, which is why they just let Merovingians act as their puppet. They want control of the money, and more importantly, they want the masses to be forced to compete for money. This is how the Rothschilds have us enslaved unconsciously. They have funded both sides of every war, have built and still control the mainstream media to propagate more war, using invasions by America, aka the New Babylon. They toil the earth for gold, oil, diamonds etc…so they can control it and present it to Enlil. To Enlil and Marduk, it’s all about who looks the best when Nibiru comes back. Whoever can provide the Anunnaki with the most resources, can show self sustaining obedient human, will be the hero to Anu and their race.

So, I mean, this is exactly what we see today, this is how Judaism, and in turn all religion has effected our world, how these Anunnaki beings manipulate us through religion. It’s important to understand this stuff because breaking free from this matrix, this illusion of cah, is multi-dimensional. We need to escape political control on our minds, religious control, money control, materialism in general to start to understand life’s mysteries, to shed as much ego as we can before our transformation.

(Pictures references: to me the representation of Superman and Zod mimics Marduk and Enlil. It’s all there. You have superman’s father Jor-El, a chief scientist on Krypton, charged with creating and manipulating genetics of humans. You have Zod, a military commander, treated Jor-El like a brother but had opposite philosophies towards humanity. Then you have Jor-El sending his first born son, Kal-El to save humanity from darkness. Superman gets his energy from the sun, Marduk is the sun god. These characters fit to a T. The house of El, El is an ancient surname for god. That’s why I used that pic. The sigil of the Merovingians is underneath Supes because that is the sigil for Marduk, the bull. The sigil for the Rothschilds is under Zod because it is their sigil, and the symbol for Enlil is the eagle. Both at the top. I really want to get some insight about this as I think we are incredibly close to finding out all this stuff.


Credit: William Joseph (Facebook)

Truth, Honor & Integrity Show with Thomas Williams 19th Oct 2017

This weeks Truth Honor & Integrity show covers the civil unrest in Spain & Catalonia and the fact that Main Stream Media turning a blind eye and reporting that the Catalonians are rioting which is untrue. The Harvey Weinstein issue unfolds with the covering of more elite reports of pedophilia, sexual abuse and rape.

The Crips gang in Los Angeles have been employed by the Bush organisation to enforce their agenda but a warning was sent out and this is thought not to be an issue anymore.

Thomas reports that Hilary Clinton has fled the USA to the UK due to the fact that there is a bounty on her head. She is thought to be under the protection of the Knights of Malta.

Also covered is the Direct Energy Devices which caused the fires in California.


The Roman Catholic hierarchy: a cabal of power that moves under the guise of benevolence

(Photo: Aleteia Image Department / flickr)

Adapted from chapter 7 of our chairman Dr. Stephen D. Mumford’s book, American Democracy and the Vatican: Population Growth and National Security (1984). The book is available at Kindle here, and is available to read for free here.

Catholic Hospitals: The Roles They Serve and Don’t Serve

For years after I had completed a doctorate in public health and had worked for some time in hospitals and clinics, I was still under the impression that the Catholic Church substantially supported and administered hospitals solely because of its concern for the social value of health. I assumed that the Church was in the hospital business because of the value of the enterprise. More recently, I have become aware that Catholic hospitals receive billions of dollars in federal monies, although they sharply restrict the delivery of family-planning services. All couples (Catholic and non-Catholic) who use these facili­ties for fertility related services are provided less than adequate medical care and those who do not have easy access to non-Catholic hospital services find certain choices restricted altogether.

I have learned that bishops regard the building of Catholic hospi­tals next in importance to the building of churches and schools, not only because of the general social value of hospitals but also because they serve a useful purpose in winning and holding Church members.[31] During times of illness or death, whether one’s own or that of a family member, people are most vulnerable to exploitation. Examples of this exploitation abound. Catholic hospitals are used as partisan and sectarian agencies in spite of public claims by the clergy that they are “community enterprises.” Similarly, priests attempt to impose as much of their moral code as possible on non-Catholics using Catholic hospital services, particularly in such areas as contraceptive sterilization.[32]

Absolutism and Controls (or Morals) and Their Implications for Family Planning

With the recent advances of medicine that have allowed embryo trans­fers, test-tube babies, and artificial insemination, many Americans have been perplexed by the Catholic Church’s strong negative responses to these advances, given the Church’s so-called pro-life posi­tion. However, Americans should not be perplexed.

The Church claims that such conceptions are against “natural” law, and great pains are taken to defend this doctrine with elaborate theological reasoning, all of it sheer nonsense. There is a different reason for its opposition. The very existence of the Church is threat­ened by these advances. How?

The Catholic Church is an absolute monarchy under absolute and infallible leadership. The Church claims and actually exercises sovereignty over nearly 800 million Catholics. It has a system of law called “canon law,” and, in the “domain” in which the claim of sover­eignty is made, canon law is applied. Yet, the Catholic hierarchy exer­cises this sovereignty without the direct use of force, armies, police, or weapons. How is this possible?

Instead of using physical weapons, the Church uses psychic weap­ons. The most extreme case was discussed in chapter four: the threat of excommunication. Over the centuries, the Church devised an elabo­rate system of controls that rely nearly completely upon “psychic terrorism.” The concepts of morals and sins which can only be forgiven by certain members of the hierarchy are examples of controls. Of course, it is purported that both have as their ends “goodness,” and adherents believe this. Yet, some thoughtful people recognize other “ends,” including the maintenance of the power of the Catholic hierarchy and the enhancement and advancement of this power.

All tyrannies in human history that relied upon force have disap­peared. Reliance upon force made them conspicuously evil, and people inevitably rose up and destroyed them. What distinguishes the tyranny of the Catholic Church is its explanation of its actions in terms of “virtue.” With the help of great numbers of priests and nuns (today numbering more than one million), the Church has sold the concept of these morals and other controls. Through the Vatican’s constant presentation of the Church’s actions as “virtuous,” recognition of the Church as a tyrant has been thwarted. Characterizing all actions in terms of “goodness” has allowed this tyranny to survive for nearly two thousand years while all others have failed. The effectiveness of the Vatican in convincing the world of the “virtue” of these morals and other controls is best exhibited by American acceptance of the incredi­ble new claim of papal infallibility in the 1870s, despite the fact that it was obviously a move to maintain vast power in the Vatican. It is almost inconceivable that Americans would have accepted this obvious grab for power. (Currently only 50 percent of Catholic Ameri­cans believe in the papal claim of infallibility.) The Catholic hierarchy has been appropriately described as a cabal of power that moves under the guise of benevolence. How could this be possible in America?

The pope and the Vatican promote only the most obedient and loyal priests to positions of authority in the hierarchy. It is an exten­sive review process for promotion of only the most conditioned and indoctrinated. Those who are not are culled as quickly as possible. Hans Kung and Father Drinan are examples. This process assures maintenance of the tyranny but at the same time “changes or adjust­ments from within” are made most difficult or impossible. In general, this highly obedient hierarchy tells its American priests in great detail what to believe. Usually, the parish priest has no strong inclination toward heretical belief inasmuch as he is the product of the Catholic educational system. A glance at any biographical list of prominent Catholic clergy shows how few of them ever stray from the Catholic educational system.

Since the Vatican has no military apparatus or personnel to physi­cally impose its laws (canons) and maintain and expand its power, it must control its communicants through their minds and through social action. To accomplish this, they use their control over their priests, including American priests.

The Vatican has drawn up a set of rules (morals) by which all must abide. Since the hierarchy had to rely upon more than one million subordinates to ensure that the laity abided by these rules, they had to make these rules simple. The “end” desired by the Church was to out-reproduce non-Catholics everywhere, and many of the rules or laws (morals) of the Church are devoted to this purpose.

To ensure that these rules are enforceable, they made them both simple and absolute. They related to sterilization, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, prostitution, masturbation, and so forth. No exceptions were allowed or ever entertained. Absolutism. With this modality, the Church cannot afford the luxury of exceptions. With interpretations, rules break down.

This, combined with the absolutism imposed by the claim of “infallibility,” is the real source of the opposition of the Catholic Church to family planning and population growth control. So much of the Church is built on the absolutes related to population growth that it cannot even permit “embryonic transfer” without taking a signifi­cant risk that the whole system of morals might collapse around them. As soon as the Church begins making exceptions, the whole system of controls would be in jeopardy. Ultimately, there would be so many exceptions and so many special cases that moral judgment would have to shift to the local priests and then to local people. The power of the Vatican would be considerably weakened.

If one examines all of the sex-related prohibitions of the Church, the common denominator is the promotion of the quantity of Catho­lics produced! This is not a coincidence. There are few exceptions. The needs of the Church with regard to a cadre of celibate priests were dis­cussed earlier, as was the fact that Catholic education represents the rock upon which the whole Church rests and that celibate nuns who work for low wages are the backbone of that system.[33] These two exceptions represent “higher order” needs of the Church than repro­duction. Imposed celibacy certainly represents the highest form of perversion of the “natural order,” yet celibacy of nuns and priests is an additional absolute.


[31] Paul Blanshard, American Freedom and Catholic Power, p. 117.
[32] Ibid., p. 123.
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Source: http://churchandstate.org.uk

Unprecedented’ Amount of Child Porn Discovered in the Vatican – Largest Catholic Church pedophile bust in history

As the Catholic Church battles to stem their continuing exposure of clerical pedophilia, detectives have uncovered an “unprecedented” amount of child pornography including images, videos and other explicit content discovered within the walls of the Vatican.The Vatican Promotor of Justice, Gian Piero Milano, released a report in response to the allegations which he read in full to Catholic Church officials during a judicial ceremony.Due to the Catholic Church’s internal investigations protocol, Milano claims he is under no legal obligation to actually name names of people accused of pedophilia and possessing child pornography.However, Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See, showed a rare display of openness and named Archbishop Josef Wesolowski as one of the accused that had triggered the investigation.Although this may seem like a forthcoming gesture by the Vatican, reports of Wesolowski not only possessing more than 100,000 images and videos of children being forced into sex acts but also of him sexually abusing multiple children in Poland and the Dominican Republic have already previously been exposed in 2014.

Due to the Vatican’s internal policies, Wesolowski was investigated but escaped jail for “his own protection”.In an unusual move by the church, the high-ranking Catholic official was facing trial from the Vatican’s prosecution for his crimes and had been placed under “protective” house arrest, but mysteriously died before the case even reached a “courtroom”.The lack of justice following his death left many of his victims frustrated with suggestions that the only reason for the house arrest is the fact that word got out that he was allowed to roam free after he was quietly whisked away from the Dominican Republic and back to the Catholic city-state by Vatican officials in order to avoid prosecution there.

According to Church and State, the descriptions of what was actually found on Wesolowski’s computer were more than a little stomach-churning:There were more than 160 videos of teenaged boys being forced to masturbate for the camera and perform sex acts on one another.In addition, the boys were raped and forced to perform sex acts on adults, as well.Wesolowski was tedious and protective of his child porn collection, filing more than 86,000 images into categories in locked folders.In addition to the images and videos present on the computer, at least 45,000 others had already been deleted.