Legal Name Fraud Explained

Legal Name Fraud Explained by kate of kaia

Before any fraud can be revealed, a simple understanding of what fraud actually is is critical to grasp the enormity of the fraud placed on humanity overall. Fraud is simply a knowing attempt to deceive another to steal from them. Plain and simple, a fraud is hidden theft. What humanity is finding difficult to accept is the actual level of theft that has been achieved over every man, woman and child on what we call earth. Humanity has been duped into In-dependence upon the very thing that is draining their very souls of life and, literally, feeding it to the hounds of Hell. Not one part of humanity’s day to day activities escape this perfect net if you’re still willing to be their fishies. Every aspect of what you THINK of as a normal kinda day is soaked and dripping in this venom that has permeated the very mind of consciousness rendering it unconscious and thus, dead. All evil had to do was make being dead legally, fun enough to quell and lull the masses, and make sure you can’t imagine any other kind of normal day besides the matrix you’re spinning in. I’ll outline a few parables of this during this essay where it is my hope to be able to convey, in the simplest terms, the magnitude of this ruse while keeping your panic to a dull roar. Yes, this is serious business since your very soul is on THEIR lien/line/ligne until YOU un-Hook your Peter Pan and Tinkerbell but, the answer AND truth beyond in the living reality are so simple, you simply won’t believe it.

It’s because EVERY part of your life in what the masses of humanity think of as “normal” is affect-dead and in-fect-dead and THIS is the pole shift of 180 degrees spoke of in folklore. Yes, the physical ones occur but only for those that choose the dead physical, all there is reality whereas I and countless others chose the 180 degree about face and marched right out of Babyloan out from under their excrutiatingly relentless eyes until we literaly “went dark” on their radar screens. This is the Celestine Prophecy effect of the invisible shields go up and render you untouchable for standing in truth.

When pair-ents (two minds) or payer-rents choose to REGISTER their children, they are LITERALLY trading off the life source of the being that is SUCKED into that body in this reality for the whore of Baby-loans LEGAL NAME dead child, in essence, ADOPTING Satan’s child in LLEU of heaven’s child. The Laws-R-us effect, raising the dead NAME DEMON and razing the living consciousness you THINK of as YOU and every other human being as well as all sentient life in this reality. In short, YOU offer up your living child as a sacrifice to Satan while your living child commits sign after sign (sin upon sin) and ADOPT the dead LEGAL DEMON literally breathing life into evil with every creation thenceforth.

Have a look again at the Solomon story where two mothers were contesting one child where one mother (whore of Babyloan) who killed her child (smothering it in bed while she was sleeping is one version) and swapped babies with the living child of the other mother (living creation) claiming the living child as hers and the dead one belonging to the mother who is now fighting to save her kidnapped child. Solomon’s answer to this quarrel was to simply cut the living child in two and each could have half to which the real mother said no and to allow the liar to have the child versus halve the child. Solomon knew the real mother would never allow her child to be harmed while the whore of Babyloan stayed silent and happy with the outcome of cutting the child in two. The old “if I can’t steal your child, you’re not getting them back psychopathy” and this is exactly what’s going on in this reality. The child is life itself, the life in you, your child to protect and your child is owned, locked, stalked and B.A.R.-ruled whilst gleefully consenting to play along in the dead whore commerce kingdumb as nothing more than a minor subject in the book of the dead REGISTRARS, a page for their black night Sat-El-ite. Demons are also called El-ites, Graft-ites, Paris-ites etc…..

People will walk in circles within the matrix until they decide, once and for all, they’re not a legal anything….only the absolute removal of the literal idea of being a legal anything will finally put you out side of the box of this boxed legal matrix. Here’s an example of how 180 degrees opposite of the truth legally mind-dead people “evaluate” spiritual signs and clues with literal legal nonsense. If you’re talking in legal devil tongue in legal literal reality, you’re an El-ite just like the other El-ites that like to burroe underground as any wormwould do: THAT’S the real wormwood wiggling around in the grey clay called brain matter which is in fact, the dead and divided heart and why only following your true heart, to do what is right regardless of illusional consequence. In that walk, creation carries you.

I’ll post this segment and another segment to show how circular legal reality the mind goes, round and round only talking about the world reality from the dead legal illusion perspective…..the subject never changes because they are imprisoned in a CROWN SUBJECT I.D.-entity so their OBJECTIVE will always be from the dead legal whirled matrix trapped mined.

from the article (read the whole thing if you can stomach this much delusional programming and this one is a GREAT example of someone nailing their own box shut from the inside)

“The word “Shemitah” is a legal term that comes from the Torah of Moses, the first five books of the Scriptures. Shemitah in the Hebrew means a “legally permanent release”. The root idea of the word Shemitah in the Hebrew means to “violently throw something down with force—to utterly destroy something”. To a biblical court of Law, the Shemitah was a time-sensitive, permanent legal release that was to absolutely abolish whatever legal issue was at stake.””

back to me now…..the word Shemitah is Hebrew for the latin phrase Clausula Rebis Sic Stantibus or the CRSS to bear, bare or B’heir. The Invocation of the CRSS was on December 25th, 2012….the CRSS is commonly referred to as “the escape clause/the S-cape Claus”…..the writers of the article missed the point entirely because they’re deluded into a one way only literal way of thinking, basing their whole reality that was built on the legal name fraud deception. humanity, in short, lives the lie until they know who, not watt, they truly are.

here’s my essay:

Invocation of the CRSS

and here’s the link to the Shemitah article literal nonsense explained:

They’ll never know the real why speaking in devil’s tongue legal sorcery matricks…..

in laymen’s terms, the clausula rebis sic stantibus is the escape clause where a FUNDAMENTAL change in circumstances renders contracts/treaties etc. null and void…the fundamental change moment?….it’s illegal to be legal anything, mind, body, spirit. The original Birth Certificate contract is the PROOF and EVIDENCE of a clear and present INTENT to deceive another by it’s mere existence….registry buildings are proof of intent to foment this deception…everything created to put this fraud into practice is proof of fraud intent ab initio (since before it was ACT-DEAD upon where you are ACT-DEAD until truth is ACT-DEED…..when you throw down, with force, the dead legal name (all ideas ATTACHED/attacked to it), with intent to destroy that from your reality, the real Shemitah/CRSS comes into full force and effect.

You are trapped in the legal mate-tricks until YOU aren’t. Only you can utterly destroy that….and all it is, is an idea you need to 180 degree your mind on and yes, this will take your breath away when you see the full magnitude of the matrix and why BABY steps are all that’s required. The more you walk the baby steps, the sooner you’ll be running and jumping can-yans.

“Clausula rebus sic stantibus/CRSS/the “cross to bare”: A treaty provision

stating that the treaty is binding only as long as the circumstances in existence when the treaty was signed remain substantially the same. Therefore, every contract created with their Trademark is fraudulent, ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc.”

These literal reality, because of legal dead I.D.ea of themselves, types can only interpret from a dead literal, same as always, reality and will go in circles. In this whirled filled with false jews/ewes/use/ you must become the living yew/you/U tree and you can’t do that while you still hold on to any dead idea of WHO you are based on WATT someone else NAMED/SEXED you in the physical. If you want to know about me, ask me, not the meatstick illusional idea of who you BELIEVE I am based on socio-pathic stereo-tip-eye-cull PHYSICAL ass-sumped-eye-ons/pre-sumped-eye-ons….you will find out very quickly WHO I am and how quickly I destroy any/all physical reality assumptions/presumptions thinking that somehow they know me better than myself.

The allegory of the swan is that it has a long neck and I have stuck my neck out a loooong way every time it was needed for truth to prevail, regardless of “physical threats” from systemic baboons, wolves, hyenas or any manner of predator/parasiti-cull types. You can tell a chicken by the shortness of its neck and the depth of the deep fryer it’s cooking itself in. You choose to be cygnus the swan not sign-us the boiler chickens….psi-genius….where the genie-us is found only in truth together with your dauntless position to stand, immovable from truth once found. Until you REAL-EYES the legal name fraud trap, you’ll be forever trapped in a separate from you, separate from creation box, bound by the evil you won’t, not can’t let go.

Canter-bury is what the dead whorse you’re “can’t ink, can tink” is racing to-wards and all that whorse will find is a grave because it lost the urge to fight for life based on a bluffing sorcerer’s whims. Bury that canter before it buries you….only the dead bury the dead in this world. The anogogic tie-ins prove what the Shemitah really is and folks, we’ve passed over that long ago and these I.D.-e-oughts (Identity conscious zeroes aka zombies/zoom-bees with stingers and B.A.R-B’s) still haven’t a clue as to who they are and this is a classic example. They try to prove their spiritual “beliefs” with legal literal reality schizophrenic delusions.

A classic example of this schizophrenia freemen and paid-riots and legal goo-ruse of men go to jail and it’s easy to know why….legal is about minding everybody else’s business but your own and gone are the daze where we needed to do this legal challenge thing at all….that was before the fundamental change in the contracts all humanity is bound in where the knowledge of legal name fraud and, the legal fact that it’s illegal to use a legal name from any all birth certificates bares the clasula rebis sic stantibus escape clause into view. People like Notaries (not ari’s/knot-our-eyes) insist on schizophrenia where nothing can be not-arised without presenting your willingness to commit fraud by using a legal name that doesn’t belong to you but you think it does. Then the emotions kick in with “but my mummy and daddy gave me that name!!!!” as they stomp their widdle feet screaming like banshees vowing vengeance where the simple truth is all the vengeance you need. You’ll never get burned at the B.A.R. and be Cued again. Remember, evil won’t give up without a fight but it can’t harm you, only bluff you to extremes to try and coerce or trick you back into you being their hollow-wean tree-Te’s. It’s illegal to be a legal anything stops them in their tracks.

It’s sadly obvious that people don’t mind being brain-dead/brand-dead criminals but then this LEGAL FACT was never mentioned to them by those that enslave humanity via forced REGISTRATIONS into contracts IN-TEN-DEAD to DE-SEE-EVE another. It’s only AFTER THE FACT, once this LEGAL FACT is shared with anyone does it become a CRIME KNOWINGLY to continue simply going along with evil. Just ask gurus like Santo Bonacci and Dean Clifford about that, unfortunately, they’re both in jail along with a few other legal be-gulls still dancing with the devil in the houses of Satan commonly called court houses more aptly whored souses. You’re the meat in the soup of the broth-El filled with vegetative ramblings of circular saw mineds. Of all the legal gurus, these two heard me and ignored me the most regarding this legal and spiritual fact.

The truth is much simpler. The fight only continues while one thinks there IS a fight where none exists unless you pick one. We’ve all picked all the necessary battles to set ourselves free and in the case of those of the beligerent stance, to keep them away from humanity where only B.A.R. members are allowed to pick pockets through “legal laws” and they don’t like competition from freeman guru types where you’re making these pair-a-sites work versus being a typical roll-over human monster. If you want to play legal then I’d suggest you join them because it’s illegal to even try to beat them since you’re going to have to use a legal name to enter Satan’s realm. The only way to beat them is to not join in their silly little reigned-ear games and that’s easy because you’ll have to insist you’re a dead legal name to do that and well, that’s a crime ab initio (since before the beginning) since now you know legal names are illegal contra-banned. It’s easy to spot any demons, they all in-cyst on legal names, Satan’s membership consent and they’ll push you to your limitbut forbidden to pass the Rubicon of truth: it’s illegal to use a legal name. Know that fact and stand there? Nothing in Satan’s realm can enter yours.

Essay notes: add-end-dumbs

con, with or without…..phi, creation…, of or to undo…..ents, mind….with or without creation of or to undo the mind….a confidence game…con gmae

life is a con game…with life or against it….the confidence game is to see how pro life or not one is….creation’s version of the shell game….in life’s game, there is a pea under every walnut shell no matter how many times the shells are rearranged….

legal name reality is the against life con, full of con-victs etc….the game of feeding off life versus creating it….when one has the con-phi-de-ents to overcome the legal reality, one has literally overcome death….THAT’S the test… easy really….but so few choose the real confidence game….I only use “common speak” to convey literal concepts…everyone knows what “illegal” means, it equates to wrong doings….unfortunately, legal reality makes it legal to murder, they call it war….so I have to walk between common understandings in the literal to expand the concepts into spiritual anogogics….when in Rome, speak Roman until others can learn Phoenician

we don’t ever have to explain ourselves, just clear up the illusions and misconceptions of others so they can understand their own wrong doings thinking it’s ok because it’s legal, not ok if it’s illegal….it’s wrong to kill others period…people can grasp that much……if they are truly good people, it doesn’t take them long to see through that veil of deception.

Here’s an example of a literal spell and some pieces of the inner chamber/spell revealed: Helsinki, pronounced hell-sink-key, standard common speak HEARD/herd

Phonics concepts: Think “How many things can I RELATE to what is known as the literal SPELLED city of Helsinki and all of its PIECES (i.e. Hell, El, Lucifer, sync,sink, quay, X, che etc….and there are MANY) within?” What you begin to see when you do this, is the corelation of stories merging into one story but you have to have the objective of KNOWING THYSELF. This is the objective of humanity where the vastness of humanity is blind in their own mirror here. Phonics is using every rule to break every rule singularity code where EVERY letter, syllable, number spell can be MORPHED into either good intention or evil intention where the SPELLS default to evil, tipping the scales in its favour. You literally empowered evil with every word uttered unknowingly. All you need to do is let every letter be sounded EVERY way it can be, combinations of two letters, same thing and consonants where a “C” can sound like an “S” so a “K” can be replaced there as well since Kat works to SOUND the same idea. A SOUND mind hears ALL SOUND ideas as THEY define what INTENTION they carry beyond the COMMONLY ACCEPTED definitions of the masses. Phonics is the Phoenix of unified singularity where all things must, come back to YOU but what is the common denominator you need to see that objective? It has to be something that ties everyone together into thinking they are who somebody else says they are, and that YOU, didn’t create for yourself but defend it like you did. It has to be able to control every aspect of your life and so obvious, you’ll miss it because you’ve based your whole reality where your idea of what your life is, is fully dependent on it.

1.Legal Boundary

2. Norse Mythology

3. Hades, Hell, Plutos, Astrotheological (all Zodiacs), Religion (all variations)

4. Written and spoken language using sound/spells

5. Humans inhabit buildings there (commonalities are things like blood, pain, joy, human bodies, males, females, religions etc.)

6. Atlas drawn, flat earth, 2 dimensional

7. Education, banking, military, policing, taxing, government systems

For all those still seeking vengeance in any way whatsoever in any/all man made for-Um’s…, common law, vigilante’, patriots, freemen, cops, lawyers, judges, priests, popes, false kings and queens, presidents and poly-tic-Sions….et fucking cetera ad infapukum…..apparently, YOU know better than creation….that’s called blaze-for-me and you burn for that…true story

I hate to tell you but you are crazy if you think you can do anything “legal”/ “common law (man’s law still legal reality called vengeance) without first committing a felony act yourself by using ANYTHING DEEMED LEGAL BY YOUR CONSENT, regardless if the “name” you use is on ANY legal paper ANYWHERE. You are contracting with COMMERCE/LEGAL entities that render you LEGAL TENDER long pork. The word “prosecute” means DO NOT PURSUE which is EXACTLY what everyone that doesn’t trust the REAL COMMON LAW which is the the law of natural order where any justice creation wants to allow on your behalf is BLOCKED by everyone(YOU) that seeks their OWN vengeance like somehow they/you know better than creation’s law/truth/natural order/god whatever you want to call it to make is visible…..In short, you trust Satan’s legal more than you trust creation’s law itself…..the LEGAL TRUST (Satan & the Harlot, Whore of Babyloan a.k.a. LEGAL/COMMERCE reality mate-tricks) VERSES (writes, creates, establishes etc.) trusting in creation, the truth and EVERY ACT of vengeance reflects back DOUBLED in that Satanic TRUST mirror…..

You enslave yourself by trusting that some human is going to look out for you more than creation itself…..that’s the short cut to Hell and the long rode home….the long and short of it..the common law is the calm-one law that allows creation to settle all accounts of evil for you….but then, you’d have to trust the truth more than the liars you already do and have been screwed over by…yeah, that’s insane…..kate

p.s. just call evil into the light and leave it at that….here’s the trumpet call, the seventh sign, trumpet, seal and crown… deadly words to evil…..IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE A LEGAL NAME…..that’s the GOD-SPELL GO-SPELL breaker right there…..not one false profit expert can diffuse that thy-me bomb




EYE EYE sailor!
Are we are UNDER SPELL and lost at SEEDOTTY even on this PLAN IT?

and je, in French, means or EYE
T I M E can also mean A SPELL

What is time but the recording method of AQUA SONAL super SONIC ELECTRO MAGNETIC DEN CITY and the perception light and electro-atoms, IONS of EMITING FIELDS or FEELEDS. Especially our FIELDS of VISION which need sunlight in order to perceive anything. The circle with the dot in the centre is a sun symbol and we may have to play DOT-to-DT in order to REAL EYES the REAL LIES.

The ‘SUN GATE’ of HOUR eye. The SEAT or SEE AT of the SOUL

The Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, meaning ”LOST BEYOND THE SEE“, was an ‘act’ swept in by Parliament during the great fire of London. We have been hypnotised, mind controlled and deemed to be as good as dead for what APPEARS to be a very long time. There are 24 hours in a day. Symbolically 6, and equals 24. Is this the holy TRINITY ▲ PYRAMID or PEER AMID of666 and which A PEERS before our eyes? Our conical ▲eyes, that is. We are trained clock ‘watchers’ and WATCHER SEE is WATCHER get.

Be careful how you $PEND your time cos that eye is on our money

The magic numbers 36 and 9 are the conical angels on the clock too, each containing THREE minute conical sections. 15which equals and 60 minutes makes one HOUR around the c-lock Everything about time is divisible by THREE! Are we blindly lost in the WAKE of the big SHIPS at SEE? Are we A-WAKE and WORSHIPPING time, ‘locked’ in a 12 (1 + 1 = 3) hour DAZE? Time, after time, after time? Becoming WEAKER every WEEK and ‘spent’ by $PENDING our precious time and money on an elite’s idea of what is ‘current’, ‘currency’ and CURRENT SEE. Time is PENNED and recorded, but it is always PENDING.

TIME reversed is EMIT and time is an ILL USE of IONS, or EYE ONS and an ILL-USION. It’s an ill use of keeping our EYE ONthings. We live in a continuum. The OZONEOZ ZONE, or O ZONE. A place of OSMOSIS. There is no past, no future, just memory and dreams and EYE DIAS or IDEAS and when we are asleep that time does not exist. DIAS means ‘GODS’ and DAYS, orDAZE. An eye, or O is a DISC, or a DIAL, and we have been DISCONNECTED from any true DIALEC-TRICK light, therefore, we can no longer DISCERN what ISRAEL and what is not. We are lost wondering and wandering in WONDERLAND and ‘Israel’ is in charge of what is “disc covered”. Our IDEALS are really EYE DEAL$ and it is easy for the elite to terrorise us, or TERROR EYES us, via the daily MEDIA.  An idea, of course, is a VISION.
We have lost our MARBLES under our MARBLE ARCH

For we are PUPILS and EYE ‘GODS’ who create time by believing everything we SEE. This has been known since the “beginning of time” itself by the elite time lords of the ‘EONS’. It is the READ SEE where everything they WRITE becomes RIGHT. We need to do more RE SEE ARCH or research.

where all the ROADS or ‘strands’ lead.
Are we ‘stranded’? As ‘pupils’ at SCHOOLSHOEL or SHEOL, the UNDER whirled and the deep blue SEE of our subconscious, we are OF-FISH-ALLEY forced to ‘tell‘ the time and to remember and WRITE dates. We are made to UNDER stand this told to keep our eye on the clock. Sheol is an anagram of holes. The black holy, holey holes of our CONVEX arched FISH eye lenses, theWINDOWSDOORS and gates to our SOULS, SOLES or SHOELS.


What we see depends on what we are shown and “what we see is what we get”. When we ‘get’ something, it means we see it fully and clearly. However, just as in Plato’s DARK ARCHED CAVE we cannot see the puppet master’s strings through the CONCAVEdome of the inner ARC of the eye.

The HIDDEN eye. If we drop the from HIDDEN
(in Phoenician H doesn’t exist) the word becomes ID DEN or EDEN
and said like a British cockney… “it’s idden innit!”.

The ID is the EGO or identity – the ID “entity”. The eye dent of the black hole pupil. Cockney rhyming slang was once used by the elite and in everyday speech we say or EYE many times a day and the phrase “I see!” can be used as an expression of ‘getting it’. We also say I SEE this and EYE SAW that. I might say for example, what an EYE SORE that collossus colosseum is and why didn’t they plant fruit and vegetables there?

Time to undo ‘living ‘the dream’ of sleepy, sheepy 🐑 time.

As we are learn not to ‘spell’ at school the ‘new whirled’ SETSUP for the FOURTH REICH or WRITE. One of pure SEE SAW Margery ‘door’ (an opening, hole or aperture) fantasy and friction. Seeing is BELIEVING and there BELIES the time trick! MATRIX means MY TRICKS and SEE SAW is WAS IS in reverse.


This is the Age of AQUARIUS and the age of missed MIST MESSAGES being sent to our MISTY watery cloudy EYES via iCLOUDS where all is not what it SEEMS because everything is ‘mysteriously’ spelled in CODE READ. It has always been a matter of‘arty’ artificial intelligence. It’s all ARTY FISH ALL and AI“Welcome to a whirled of pure imagination…”.

Under the ARCH of the OCULUS

“So let it be written, so let it be done.”
from the KING and or EYE movie.

ZION is an anagram of IN OZ where the one-eyed man is KING in the land of the BLIND ie, this KING-DOM. The sensory *KINGDUMB of Os, or OZ. The Wizards of OZ, also known as the Scottish RITE/WRITE Freemasons, place a ceremonial dated CORNERSTONE, called a TIME CAPSULE, at everyone of their masonic SITES, or SIGHTS. Fooling us via the CORNEAS-TONE or the CORN EARS TONE which separate the wheat from the chaff. The dated CAPTION is a logo and logos means the word of god. This is what is known as hypersigil magik and it works on a quantum level. They are FREE masons, afterall, living on theSCOT FREE time of zero, zilch, nada and SCOTCH MIST.


Right under our NOSES and GNOSIS the CAPSULE captivates’ and CAPS YOU ALL, capturing and encapsulating the idea of time passing us, thus REINFORCING LINEAR timeline. We are its CAPTIVES42 is the number with which ‘God’ creates the UNIVERSE in Kabbalistic tradition. With some wizardry reversal that means 24.

The green ARC/BOW of the aurora BOREALIS or BO REAL IS/EYES

The CAPTAINS have the REINS on all things and therefore REIGN over us because they can RE IN FORCE time. EYE, EYE CAPTAIN! Time is EMITTED from the Wizard of OZ‘s MAGNETIC North Pole. Time is money (green-backs) to the rich MAGNETS,MAGIS and MAGICIANS, for there lies the GREEN MAGNETTICK and ‘magical’ TIMES SQUARE COURTYARD which EMITS our rotary TIME. This place is called the ARCTIC, or ARC TICK, as in TOCK. These magis deal in our CURRENCY and CURRENT SEE.



To be PENNED is also to be CAUGHT. The EYE is the CHRYSTAL (christ all) MAZE. The QUARTZ (CAUGHTS) YARD of PAN’Slabyrinth or PANDORA’S BOX. In other words GREEN-WITCH ‘MEAN’ TIME. Mean time is right near Scotland or SCOTLAND ‘YARD’. Home of the SCOT FREESCOT spells TOCS in re-verse, for TICK-TOCK time. A times square (✖◼) capsule can be made to ‘build up’ an illusionary HIS STORY of falsehoods, like a BILDERBERGER.

When something is DEVILLED it is mixed-up and con-fused
– inciting us with insight

We are caught in and ‘courting’ time, in A-MAZE-MEANT. The first thing the Freemasons needed to do to complete the time trick was to build big ‘cuckoo’ clocks in their town squares and plant CROSSES ‘a-cross’ the earth. Knowing that our eyes had to PAN in on these PANORAMAS on a daily basis made sure to RE-MIND us of dead ‘lines’.

† ☨ ✞ ✝ ☥ ☦ ☓ ♁ ☩ 卐 ✖ ◼

These ‘tall fairy storeys’ of Babylon with its alleged high Tower of BABEL, or BABBLE were made by the PHARISEES or FAIRYSEES. Here the art of the FOE, faux, PHOENICIAN PHONETIC spell binding, SEAFARING wizardry began and with it our NET-WORK of mock dates and mind numbing NUMBERS. Given to us by the holey GHOST WRITERS and all ARCHHIVED for us in HI-STOREY books, like the BUY BULL that TAURUS or TORE US apart. These are the MERCHANTS and RETAILERS, or RE-TALERSHISTORY is the or EYE STORY, as HI is really or EYE because in Phoenician the letter is always silent.

 ‘What is looked at is what is looking’ – ST Francis of A SEE SEE

HIGH STORIES and LEG-ENDS (yeah, pull the other leg) manufactured by a priest-hood of ‘SAINTS’ (ST means SANTOS orSATAN) and hood-lums who catch fish with their NETTS on this PLANET, PLAN IT or PLAN NET of phony CONEY ISLANDS or EYE LANDS. These HISTRIONICS are quite HYSTERICAL in fact because we can be NOWHERE and NOW HERE at the same time in an eternal nevereverland. It is no mistake that NEW WHIRLED ORDER is an acronym for NWO, which ‘spells’ NOWOWN andWON, because a ‘spell’ is A-BOUT of time on this MAGI-C ROUND-ABOUT. It’s all about KNOWING this, or NOWING this.


If you know about time and are a SEER or Cr, you’ve WON and become ‘the ONE‘, or the WON with its eye atop the Freemasons’ pirating pyramid scheme. A pyramid shaped like our triangular EYE CONES. A one-eyed PIRATE who is very CLOCKWISE. He’sICONICUNI means ONE for the UNIVERSEALL ‘god’, or ‘dog’ in reverse, of the ‘UNIVERSE’. This WISE GUY knows that it’s always clock. Be as WISE as the SERPENT.

The one UNI VERSE SEE ALL eye. IO means or EYE in Italian

The serpents who write the DOG-MA and TENETS or TEN NETSTEN is NET in re-verse on this PLAN NET. We’ve been EYE-JACKED, not high jacked! Ask one of the “free” MA-SONIC ministers at No IO Downing Street, or someone in the UNION of JACKS, or one of their ASTRONAUGHTS or 000Z, or Universal PICTURES even, they’ll tell ya the truth… not! This is the land of OZ and OZMOSIS, aka Moses and the TEN commandments and the parting of the READ SEESVERSES written on STONE and plucked from the aether, or OZ-ONE. Monkey see, monkey do! Well they tell us we originated from ‘apes‘.

Satan, or Saturn, has an around it and Satan, BEAU or BEL (ring ring) is known as The Great ARCHITECT of NOAH’S ARK orKNOWERS‘ ARC, and FATHER TIME. We are CAUGHT here, stuck in a never ending time loop. We are in COURTSHIP withTHE FATHER, or PA for our PARLIARMENTS. This is the PATRIARCHAL PARISH ‘mean’ time of BEAU REGARD (above), which means the BOW SEE. If you’re a KNOWER you KNOW that time is NOW.

BOW is also an ARCH. An ARCH made by the architects. And, they’re running ‘rings’ around us with ‘black hole’ nonscience because a BEAU is someone we COURT. Etymologically speaking, OS means ‘divine protection’ or ‘a GOD‘. Like the ancient god OS-IRIS, or another name for ‘God’ which is THEO or THE OTHEO means THEORY and we don’t know WHICH theory isWITCH.


Are we of SOUND mind? The CORN is also the MAIZE or MAZE. Time is literally SET in STONE, like the pro-verbial SWORD in theSTONE. King ARTHUR, or King AUTHOR, was set up and OPERATED by the SS secret society MASONIC orders of the OCCULT or the OCULUS. The KNIGHTS TEMP LIARS, or the ‘inner circle’ of the O CULT, know that time is all in the eye of the beholder and that there is time. OH? Oh yes, they can AUTHORISE any old script(ure) and make it appear AUTHENTIC.and ‘novel’… A RISE SIR ‘LANCE’ A LOT of CAME A LOT! Behold!


The ring of the eye is very impressed with worn down colloseums set IN FINITE . The truth is – it’s the same day everyday with different TEMP-ERA-TURES and CLOUDS. The ‘Order’ of the Templars can pre-order or pre-ordain whatever they fancy because they are the EYE MAGIS of the TEMPLE of SET who fake IMAGES that feed our IMAGINATION or I’M AGING NATION. TheseDAYS, or LATELY, it seems we’re more DAZED than ever on the TEMPLATE of with its dates, dates, D’8s. It’s a FORMAT, or 4MAT, and the magis of the MUSIC industry know how to create a sense of past eras by frequently changing the musical TEMPOSand TONES (link).

The HORSE/HORUS and UNICORN represent our HIPPO-CAMPUS (the D’ARK room, or underworld, where light is processed by the “the black sun”, or pupil), thus we are hyp-noticed and taken for a ride in “time” on the chariots, or HAR RIOTS, of theARCHONS. The unicorn is the SEAHORSE but what can we see over the HORIZON with our eyes on RODS? Are we  under HIP GNOSIS, and too busy WORSHIPPING pirates and WORSE HIPPING ourselves in the process.

Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel
 Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel
The Windmills of Your Mind

These ARC cons’ are having an ARH RIOT at our Xpence. Aka, The Royal ARCH CLUB of ROME or ROAM. The old mystery schools, or “my story” clubs of never-ending unsolved MYTHRAS of WONDERWANDER and MEANDERING. You see, a ‘club’ is a stick, a ROD, or a WAND. Time is faked by the ROTATION of sky spheres, HAARP weather control and the forcible ageing of the physical body via hormones and microbots that live within us (see video below). Everything becomes ‘weathered’ here under the5* senses and elements of the EATHER.

“With every season TURNTURNSATURN.” We really are ‘under the weather’ 4 CAST. We feel it in our VEINS from theWEATHERVANES and in ‘turn’ it affects our TEMPERAMENT. We become ‘seasoned’, like a fine VINE or VEIN, and ‘weathered’ by the SEE SON’S PRECIPITATIONS’. The Freemasons have ‘cast’ a spell over their black and white checkered FLOORS.

Doesn’t time DRAG ON sometimes? for TIME and time for .

HE who BREWS the story makes history happen – like the HEBREWS. He/she is a long “taled” fire breathing dragon, puffing out“wind” and “hot air”. Puff the magic dragon lives by the SEE, remember? “TIME for a BREW” in England means time for a cup of ea. This British TEA TIME tea ceremony occurs at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Now, this may seem very co-incidental and quite baffling at first, until we shift our perspective a little and DE-CYPHER the code. For instance, a floor is a sided STOREY of a building and to be floored means to be baffled. Those slippery puffed-up TORIES and historians are continually “baffled” when it comes toFORETOLD HISTORY, aren’t they?! So, we could say that this is a STORY BOARD of NIGHT DAYKNIGHT DAY and the (square)SEASONS or SEE SUNS of the 4 CORNERS of the earth. The ‘sun gods’ always have a halo over their head, don’t they?

Antique rare early Tiffany & Co Paris SERPENT

A floor is a stage, like a theatre stage and to ‘flaw’ someone means to deliberately fool them. There is NO/KNOW/NOW time like thePRE SENT, we say, and PRESENT is an anagram of SERPENT. What we think is ‘resent’ is actually RE SENT. Time is indeed SET around the clock hands, one small and one large, making a  at it’s north pole centre. It’s also got us chasing theirTALES, and our own with so called NEWS, or KNEWS, that makes us red red, read and cross, CROSSand increasingly RE-SENT-FULL. Animals don’t have this problem because they aren’t constantly re-minded of a fictional and frictional past, based largely on hearsay, from the North, East, West and South NEWS NOOSE bullet ins.

We’re all ABOARD, or ALL ARE BORED, in Noah’s ARK. What a WORLDWIDE WHIRLED spin’ of spells we are under. The Brother’s Grimm SLEEPING BEAUTY fairy tales are getting very BO-RING on the ‘square’ checkered BOARD. They have to beGENERATED over and over again for the new GENERAT-IONZZZZ. Change the record! We’re WRAPPED-UP in a time WARP andSPELL-BOUND. Wrapped-up like a ‘present’ with a BOW or , or an an egg timer on its side. Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween and repeat… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, SATURNDAYSUNDAY and repeat. A whole circus PARADE or PARAID of cyclical EVEVENTS of ‘hot air’ venting and smoke OOOOO ringsAn ERA is an ‘EARER and a HEARER. Therefore, a hearer is PRESENT and HERE and not in a dream ‘state’. A hearer is aware of every ‘statement’ and STATE MEANT. They can be kings of the ‘GLOBE‘ – via the ear LOBE.

SET or SEPT which is SEVEN in French.
The IMMACULATE CONCEPTION in the GUARDIAN of E-DEN, or HE-DEN and the creation of EVE or EVIL. The MACULA an oval-shaped pigmented area near the center of the retina. The WHEEL of 4 TUNE is the same FATHER, or PATERPATTER and PATTERN‘presented’ to us year after YEAR and as time seemingly DRIFTS by we get FATHER and FARTHER away from the truth. That’s bonkers and LOOPY, at best. Our PINEAL or PENAL gland is living a life “SENTENCE” in a “PLAY” – ON WORDS – ON-WARDS ➼➼➼ indeed we are born ON WARDS, in harshly lit hospitals.

A direction ‘penned’ by the ARCHER’S ➼➼➼ BOW and we were told that the PEN is mightier than the SWORD. The same ‘lines’ in their scripts create the constant CONSCRIPTION of ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOULDIERS MARCHING into WAR over and over a-gain for the OLIGARCH WARLOCKS. The AUTHORITIES are the AUTHOR$ of our repeated death cult MEMORY-ALL daze. “That’ll get ’em weeping in the AISLES or EYE ALL$ and sell good ‘copy’ in the DAILY NOOSE paper. They can’t HEARDo you ‘copy’?”

Everything is ‘speculative’. Christmas is the false light ‘spectacle’ featuring the ‘specter’, or the “ghost of Christmas past” who was originally named FATHER MITHRAS. We celebrate the arrival of this IN-VISIBLE man called $ANTA, or $ATAN, on Christmas EVE(nevereverland) and Christmas DAY which happen to fall on the 24th and the 25th of December respectively. This corresponds to the clock resetting after one whole day or 24 hours. The same reset occurs in the month of CAPRICORN. Interestingly, these numbers, alphabetically, are the letters and Y. The XY chromosome of the BROTHER-HOOD-WINKERS, the SUNS or SONS, the MASONSor MY SONS, men or FATHERS. The devil card in the TARO/TOR/ROTA deck is attributed to the letter ‘AYIN, which means an EYE, and it refers to Capricornus in theOZ ZODIAC.
The biblical men of REKNOWN or RE NOUN and RE KNOWN have MANIPULATED this reality for their own PROPHET$ – to ‘coin’ a phrase. Wink, wink! For this is the time of year when the ‘new male ELECTRICAL SUN DIAL rises again after three days and RESETS its cycle. This is who we gives us our light RAYS/RAISE and to whom we P-RAISE. Hence, ”father” time and “there’s nothing new under the sun”, but I’m just THEORISING on THE O RISING. Isn’t this LUCIFER too, the LIGHT BERA? It seems men have elevated their status to SON GODS or SUN DIAS and given themselves halos. What a great IDEA! The sun symbol and the SEAL ofSOLOMON, or SEE ALL of SOLOMEN, is this , which looks like an eye.
ARC de TRIOMPHE and its 8ATE or ∞ ‘strands’
It’s a monu-mental ARCH de TRIUMPH for the STONEMASONS. Their house of ‘cards’ will never blow down in the WINDS of TIME, or the whirligig of the WHIRL WIND. The ‘watchers’ never need to ‘WIND’ up their watch on their ‘watch’. A watch is a LOOK OUTCAESAR, the SEE TSAR knew about SEIZING the DAY and CEASING and FREEZING the icy I SEE moments, so let’s do exactly that ourselves. Seize the day – CAPER DIEM. What a caper! He was the SEE KING afterall, and we have all the timeSEEKING the truth in this whirled and the truth shall set us FREE. When you’re a ‘seer’ you can chuck a couple of extra months and add a few extra HOLIDAZZZE into the 360 degree ‘magic circle’ if you like. It’s good BUSINE$$.
We have Tunnel Vision, especially when watching TV scripts. A tunnel is an arched CONCAVE COVE, like a CRYPT or secret old CRYPTIC SCRIPT we may DISCOVER. For only the DEAD SEE SCRAWLS. Perhaps, this is the ARK of the COVENANT? The art of ‘bending’ time and keeping us continually hypnotised and M-ARCHING forward? Time flies when we’re having fun and not glued to the BOX SET watching someone else’s IDEA of a fabricated storyLINE_________ or LIE IN. Thus time cannot be accurately quantified because it depends on what is being SEEN/SCENE at any point of time. An ARCH is also a term used in acting, henceARCH VILLANS. It is the rise or fall of the CHARACTOR or EYE DOLL and CHAR is an anagram of ARCH. You SEESSEAS,SEIZECS, the snake tales can be very C-HARMING! Especially in the d’ARK under the ARC of the RE-SENT C-RE-SCENT moon phases. H’ARK! It’s the AROMA of ROMA.

We are ‘stranded’ HERE if we cannot HEAR or SEE the spells APPEAR on this EARTH of G-ROUND ZERO. Therefore, we find ourselves “lost in time” and DISCOURAGED – DISC COEUR (heart) RAGED. Assault the eyes and ears with SWORDED historic images and bibble babble and you assault the HEART of the HERD and HEARD. Pictures tell a thousand words and we are lost atSEA like lost SOLESO, pronounced EAU, means water. We’re all a-wake in the mainstream because they have SEALED the deal with their wonder-us fishy tales. We’ll never reach the top of the ‘glass CEILING‘ through foggy glassy eyes if we cannot unspell what is GOSPEL or GO SPELL.
VATICAN – anagram – VACANT i
Know wonder a FISH TALE CAP is sported by the ARCH-BI-SHOPS of ROME’S CAP-IT-ALL. In PLANE SITE in the City of Rome there LIES a courtyard with an OCULUS. Built there for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. The cap, btw, can be aCROWN or a COURT jester’s cap. It is the crown of KRONUS and CHRONOLOGICAL time. That’s CONOLOGY, not chronology and “He’s got the HOLE whirled in his hands…”. His clock hands, that is, and we’re being SOULED for a SING SONG of jingles andSLAY BELLS. We’ve been led astray by KRONUS‘ PAN PIPE and his muscial SCALES. The serpent’s ‘scales’ of justice, or JUST EYES with its ‘pitch‘ forked tongue or double edged SWORDS. Why does SOPHIA, the goddess of PHILO-SOPHY and WISEDOME, wear a blindfold and carry WEIGHING, or WAY IN, scales? Is she telling us about WEIGHT, or WAIT because “time weighs heavy”when we’re in the d’ARK?
REPETITION is ‘the KEY‘ (as in sound) for PUPILS. They tell us that history REPEATS itself. It sure does! It REAP EATS/ATES/8s its own tale. It’s SET UP that way, and a ‘set-up’ is a TRICKTIME FLIES on the seven day, seven arched REIGNBOW coloured wheel of the TEMP-LE of SET (here) but not on my ‘watch’.

What a load of (eye) BALLS! For the time “being” I’m clocking-off.
In the ‘mean’ time enjoy that POP (father) CORN with the video.


POP goes the weasel… that’s a WRAP!

The BROS do WARN us!


The Cancer Treatment Protection Racket

The Cancer Treatment Protection Racket

— How the Cancer Act 1939 maintains ineffective cancer treatments

The Cancer Act 1939 and similar legislation around the world gives orthodox cancer treatment an undeserved monopoly, ensuring that ineffective but profitable treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy can never be challenged by more effective alternative treatments.

THE TOTNES CANCER HEALTHCARE CONFERENCE (TCHCC) took place on Saturday 24th March 2012 at Eden Rise retreat ten minutes drive from the little town of Totnes in sleepy Devonshire, England. It might not have happened at all because it was almost cancelled by the local Trading Standards, which had been egged on by local MP Dr. Sarah Woolaston and the usual mob of campaigning UK skeptics who argued that the conference was promoting cancer treatments and therefore contravened the Cancer Act 1939 which gives the medical establishment a monopoly on cancer treatment and the promotion of cancer treatment. As a consequence, the conference was no longer able to go ahead at its planned venue — Totnes Civic Hall — a venue which had been booked and promoted months in advance.

Both the local and national mainstream media assumed that, with the venue location stopped, the conference was cancelled, and this they reported without checking their facts with the conference organiser, Dr. Stephen Hopwood. True to form, the mainstream media billed the cancellation as a victory for public safety over “irresponsible” cancer treatment claims, highlighting the view of one of the billed speakers — oncologist Tullio Simoncini — that baking soda can be used as a cancer treatment. Because Dr. Simoncini has been struck off the medical register for his views, he provided perfect justification to cancel the conference: baking soda curing cancer… how irresponsible! Of course this was only a pretext to cancel the conference because the Trading Standards did not change their position when Hopwood responded by dropping Simoncini as a speaker.

However, Trading Standards, Sarah Woolaston, the rabble of UK skeptics and the mainstream media underestimated the resolve of the conference organisers and those planning to attend — free speech would not be thwarted — and the skeptics glee at the announced cancellation was short-lived as the event was switched, last minute, to a private venue on a donation basis. This placed it more firmly under the protection of free speech legislation, and the conference ended up being a success with a remarkable turnout considering the blanket media reports that it was cancelled.

The conference organiser, Dr. Stephen Hopwood, is a wholistic medical doctor with 20 years of healthcare experience. He currently runs the Arcturus Clinic ( and the Totnes Cancer Help Centre ( Hopwood set up the conference to “discuss potential underlying causes of cancer, offer thoughts on how best to protect yourself and as the day unfolds provide a clear map of how to cultivate your health and immunity.” This was to be a discussion day for those interested in complementary and alternative approaches to cancer survival, “based on the idea that if our body’s immune and endocrine systems are correctly functioning, well supported and balanced physiologically then cancer is less likely to arise and that our body’s own immune system may itself hold the key to prevention.”

This perspective of cancer treatment is actually quasi-respectable, and forms the basis of treatments of a surprising number of orthodox-focused medical doctors and researchers. But this respectability makes no difference to those opposing the conference, and they continued to cite a piece of UK legislation called the Cancer Act 1939 as the reason that this conference should not go ahead, a legal Act, they claim, was put in place to protect the public.

The Cancer Act 1939, which you can read at, was actually passed into British Law in 1939 to effectively give a monopoly to the emerging radiotherapy industry which believed at the time that the cure for cancer was the radioactive element radium. As radium was hugely expensive to procure and to administer, the Act ensured that the government loan to the National Radium Trust (an independent non-governmental trust) would be secured by eliminating competing cancer treatments — it was the means of securing this business arrangement.

An Act to make further provision for the treatment of cancer, to authorise the Minister of Health to lend money to the National Radium Trust, to prohibit certain advertisements relating to cancer, and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid. [The first paragraph in the Cancer Act 1939 introduction]

In the original Cancer Act 1939, in Section 3 (since repealed), the condition of the loan to the National Radium Trust was that “no money shall be lent under this section after the expiration of ten years from the commencement of this Act.” So it appears that this legislation was primarily to secure start-up capital the radiotherapy industry, which at that time was nationalized, although the loan did have provision for repayment: “Any sums received by the Minister by way of repayment of a loan under this section or by way of interest thereon shall be paid into the Exchequer.” This was therefore a piece of legislation principally defining a business arrangement, rather than one for public protection — the advertising restrictions are clearly secondary to the loan arrangement.

And anyway, heart disease is just as dangerous as cancer but we do not have a Heart Disease Act because other legislation is perfectly adequate in protecting the public from bogus heart disease remedies and practitioners. Cancer was singled out because of the expense of radium and the need to set up a monopoly to deal with money loaned for that expense.

You also have to remember that back in 1939, cancer was not as common as it is today with only 1 in 30 to 1 in 40 people getting the disease as opposed to today’s rate of between 1 in 2 and 1 in 3. So health practitioners did not have the massive customer base that they have today, making the protection of what was considered at the time to be a promising but expensive treatment commercially essential.

See Dounne Alexander’s proposal for a legal reformation of the Cancer Act

The National Radium Trust was abolished soon after the Second World War with the introduction of the National Health Service(NHS) in 1948, and most sections of the original Cancer Act 1939have replaced by the Medicines Act 1968( Today, the main part of the Act that remains is Section 4, which prohibits the “advertising” of cancer treatments:

No person shall take any part in the publication of any advertisement containing an offer to treat any person for cancer, or to prescribe any remedy therefor, or to give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof;

An advertisement here is defined as “any notice, circular, label, wrapper or other document, and any announcement made orally or by any means of producing or transmitting sounds.” Cancer treatments, however, can be advertised by local authorities, hospitals and anyone acting with the approval of the Minister of Health (which generally translates as oncologists, research doctors and large cancer research charities):

Nothing in this section shall apply in respect of any advertisement published by a local authority or by the governing body of a voluntary hospital or by any person acting with the sanction of the Minister.

The Act does however allow cancer treatments to be advertised to registered doctors, registered nurses, registered pharmacists and students training in these professions. This allows the medical establishment to maintain its indoctrination on its conventional cancer treatments.

So the Cancer Act 1939 basically affords a monopoly on the medical establishment (which includes government), but as medical establishments around the world tend to be funded and controlled by Big Pharma (which also, as we will see, manipulates government), then that monopoly on cancer treatment and cancer treatment information dissemination is effectively Big Pharma’s monopoly. As we shall see later on, this is not in the interest of cancer patients, because if we are banned from even discussing alternative cancer treatments then patients’ choices are limited almost exclusively to conventional cancer treatments, treatments that we shall see have a dismal success rate.

What is most concerning about the Cancer Act 1939, however, is that it violates Freedom of Speech legislation. This is what makes it so controversial and why so many are now calling for its complete repeal — it is no longer serves the purpose for which it was set up (to kick-start expensive new radium treatments) and it has been superceded by newer legislation like the Medicines Act 1968, legislation which is perfectly adequate for protecting the public against medical scammers and charlatans. Unfortunately, monopolies are not easily given up, especially a monopoly as lucrative as that involving cancer treatment, and so Big Pharma makes sure, through its influence on the medical establishment and government, that full repeal of the Cancer Act 1939 never happens.

With this monopoly in place, the Cancer Act 1939 allowed radiotherapy to flourish, so that today “about half of all cancer patients receive some type of radiation therapy sometime during the course of their treatment.” [The National Cancer Institute – Cancer Research UK estimate that 40% of UK cancer patients receive radiotherapy.] And yet, despite its widespread use, it is very difficult to find the actual success rates of radiotherapy for various types of cancer. As cancer consultant and researcher Dr. Ralph Moss ( said in a 2008 newsletter: “Many forms of radiation treatment… have simply been ‘grandfathered in,’ – i.e., accepted by default largely on the basis of having been around for a long time.” He goes on to say:

While few would dispute that radiation does have a useful role in the treatment of cancer, the fact remains that in many instances the relative merits of different kinds of radiation treatment, the limits of its usefulness and the extent of its effectiveness have never been clearly established through clinical trials. This has led to a situation where on the one hand the treatment is almost universally available, yet on the other hand there is very little solid evidence comparing the effectiveness of radiation to various other treatment approaches.

Of course, oncologists themselves are most likely to have an idea of radiotherapy’s effectiveness as a cancer treatment, but they are certainly keeping quiet about it. For example, a Harvard study published by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that “90% of oncologists would never take radiation for lung cancer. 84% would never take chemotherapy for colon cancer,” both standard treatments offered by the medical establishment to those particular cancer-type sufferers. Why would oncologists be recommending treatments to their patients that they would avoid themselves? What is causing this duplicity?

Ralph Moss, the researcher mentioned earlier, remembers the reluctance of a brain cancer specialist, who visited him, to take radiation should he ever develop a brain tumour himself:

“I had a brain cancer specialist sit in my living room and tell me that he would never take radiation if he had a brain tumour. And I asked him, ‘but, do you send people for radiation?’ and he said, ‘of course, I’d be drummed out of the hospital if I didn’t.'”

So the Cancer Act 1939 , which was put in place to nurture a fledgling radiotherapy industry, is actually protecting an industry that those administering its treatment — the medical establishment — have serious doubts about behind closed doors, obviously concerned about their careers if they publicly stand by their opinions.

But of course, these days, orthodox cancer treatment is more than just radiotherapy. Today we also have chemotherapy as the other main orthodox cancer treatment. But this therapy, one that involves intravenously administering highly toxic substances in the hope of poisoning the cancer before poisoning the patient, also has an extremely low overall success rate. For example, a 2004 study by three Australian oncologists, published in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Oncology (, concluded that:

“The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA. As the 5-year relative survival rate for cancer in Australia is now over 60%, it is clear that cytotoxic chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival.”

This is consistent with Ralph Moss’ ( meta-studies (studies of studies) on the success rate of chemotherapy. In his ground-breaking book Questioning Chemotherapy (and his subsequent books, which are all extensively documented), Moss provides evidence that chemotherapy is ineffective for most forms of cancer, with a 2% to 4% overall success rate. He also reports the exceptions where this treatment has been shown to be useful, exceptions which include Hodgkin’s disease, lymphocytic leukemia and nonseminomatous testicular cancer, as well as a few extremely rare forms of cancer which include retinoblastoma, choriocarcinoma and Wilm’s tumour. Chemotherapy can also be helpful with State 3 ovarian cancer and small-call lung cancer. But with the vast majority of cancers (96% to 98%), it basically useless, subjecting patients to unnecessary suffering and biological (including immune system) damage.

Part of the problem is that the medical establishment take a very short-term view regarding treatment success. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines a particular chemotherapy treatment as “effective” if it reduces a humour by 50% or more in just 28 days. But this definition falsely implies that there is some correlation between fast tumour reduction and overall survival (which is generally set at a 5-year period). However, If the research is anything to go by, this assumption is false as there is little to no correlation for most cancers. Just because chemotherapy can quickly shrink tumours does NOT make it an effective cancer treatment (except in cases where immediate survival is the only concern). As chemotherapy, like radiotherapy, destroys much of the immune system in the process of destroying cancer cells, it is not only a notoriously torturous treatment but it leaves patients it does not help (almost all of them) in a worse situation than before because, once the immune system is destroyed, the body becomes unresponsive to alternative treatments, many of which rely upon stimulating its innate immune response. As a consequence, orthodox cancer treatment is not only largely useless for most cancer sufferers, causing a great suffering, but it takes patients on an all-or-nothing roller-coaster ride with often lottery odds of survival.

So chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the two cornerstones of modern orthodox cancer treatment, are not effective treatments to the vast majority of cancer patients, and yet these “treatments” are given protected monopoly status by most developed countries around the world, effectively sentencing 96% – 98% of cancer sufferers to hugely destructive and painful treatments which are not to their benefit. In the UK, it is the Cancer Act 1939 that ensures alternatives to chemotherapy and radiotherapy do not see the light of day.

Of course, if chemotherapy and radiotherapy, ineffective as they are, really are the best options for cancer patients, then a case can be made for this sort of monopoly legislation. But with success rates of these treatments being little better than doing nothing for most cancers, the bar has been set so incredibly low for cancer treatment success that you would think that this might encourage an openness by governments and the medical authorities to explore every other possible avenue for cancer treatment in an effort to raise the dismal odds of current cancer survival. But in reality, governments and the medical authorities are still not only closed to alternative cancer treatments, but they take every step to stamp alternatives out without examining them, criminalizing well-meaning scientists and doctors who are trying to raise that bar for cancer survival rates.

How can this be? Surely governments and the medical establishment have the people’s interests at heart? After all, it is the people who elect and pay for their governments to look after their interests, including their health interests, and in those countries with national health services, it is the people who pay for the cancer treatments. So how can any system that is in service to the people be maintaining treatment monopolies that are not in the interest of the people?

There are two responses to these questions, and they separate people into those who want to maintain the fairy tale of benign government and a fatherly healthcare system, and those who look a little deeper and realize that governments do not necessarily act in the interest of the people they represent, and that the medical establishment has loyalties stronger than those to its patients.

If you are in the former group and you believe the fairy tale that your government and your medical establishment are looking out for your interest, then you should probably stop reading here. This article is not for fantasists. If you have an emotional investment in benign patriarchal leaders, then you will have strong resistance to entertaining the possibility that our leaders do not act in the collective interest, and you will probably try to dismiss the statistics outlined above, clinging on to the belief that chemotherapy and radiotherapy are effective cancer treatments, and that their universal use should not be questioned. After all, caring leaders would not allow the suffering of those that they lead, and medical researchers and doctors are 100% objective and would never offer treatments they knew to be ineffective or that they would not take themselves or recommend to their families. So the facts above MUST be false. (Dream on!)

Unfortunately, although blind loyalty to a benign patriarchal vision is a valid emotional response, it is one that can and does lead to mass suffering and slaughter because it is based on entirely false assumptions. (Sometimes fantasies are worth more to many people than life itself because they determine the philosophical foundation of the world that we live in. Take away the fantasy of benign government, for example, and a large portion of society would lose the will to live.) The truth is that our leaders (including medical leaders and doctors) act in ways that are not in our collective interest, and the dismal statistics above indicated that something is very wrong with any health system that gives a monopoly to treatments with such dismal success rates, and even protects that monopoly with the full weight of criminal law.

So why would a government or a health service act in ways that are not in the interest of the people? The short answer is money (and the power that comes with money).

Money skews the whole democratic process, it always has and it always will. If you have money, serious amounts of money, then you can hire lobbyists and buy access to politicians, which allows you to have a disproportionate influence on government and the legislative process, an influence many orders of magnitude greater than that associated with mere voting rights. Money also allows you to influence the media, through advertising and ownership, and this allows you to control general public opinion. After all, people can only vote in their own interests if they know what is really going on and where their interests actually lie. As the mass media has become the eyes and ears for the vast majority of people, those who control the media control how people will vote.

Who has the greatest wealth in the world today? Multi-national big business, which is why legislation is generally so favourable to the interests of big business, which further increases the wealth of big business and further consolidates its power. Today we have a runaway situation whereby the whole modern democratic systems is in service primarily to industry and not the voters, and this situation is rapidly worsening.

Orthodox cancer treatment is HUGE business, estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year. In fact, cancer treatment is becoming so expensive that even developed nations are struggling to afford it, as was recently pointed out in The Lancet ( As approximately 12 million people globally receive a cancer diagnosis, and as this is likely to increase to 22 million by 2030 (which according to the report is due to rising cancer rates in an aging global population and better diagnosis methods), the future outlook for the cancer treatment monopoly is extremely rosy, and orthodox cancer treatment is now one of the fastest growing industries. Indeed, the pharmaceutical industry, which controls most of modern cancer care, is now a trillion dollar global industry and one with some of the highest profit margins.

Businesses, like individuals, naturally protect their interests, doing everything they can to increase their profits and discourage competing industries. When you have billions of dollars behind you to fight your corner, you tend to win your fights, which is how, for example, new healthcare legislation that favours only the pharmaceutical giants at the expense of the public general health is sweeping across developed nations, pushing out natural and alternative therapies with a barrage of red-tape and biased healthcare legislation that favour mass medication. How is this achieved? By the ability of those with money to influence politicians, both through political donations and by hiring an army of full-time lobbyists to influence politicians.

In Brussels, for example, there are 15,000 lobbyists hired by corporations and other organisations specifically to represent their special interests to MEPs in an attempt to influence their decisions and skew the democratic process in their favour. ( How is this in the interest of democracy and the people? It is not. In democracies, special interest groups should not be allowed to influence politicians, period. But they currently are allowed to skew the democratic process, which is why the world is becoming increasingly corporatised. We all know it; we all see it in our local communities; and today an increasing number of people are waking up to this fact and questioning this destructive process. But as long as money is able to buy influence and political access, this undemocratic process will continue unabated.

There is also the massive problem of “revolving door” employment between politicians and big business. Politicians usually have a limited shelf-life, and when their political careers end, they usually end up on the boards of big corporations, basically hiring out their political connections to the highest bidder. So when in office, politicians are naturally extremely accommodating to big business because they know that they will be their future employers; big business is the gravy train they will eventually be catching. And this relationship also works the other way too: heads of business often find themselves in powerful positions of government where they can influence policy. As a consequence of this “revolving door” relationship between politicians and big business, government tends to strongly favour the interests of corporations over those of the electorate. This is further compounded by the influence of political party donations (bribes) and special interest lobbyists mentioned earlier, all of which unduly influence government and the legislative process.

Corporations can also get special treatment, if they are large enough, by threatening to locate or relocate their factories/offices to other states or other countries, which makes government and local government very keen to give them strong incentives, including tax breaks and other special corporate treatment, to keep them employing local people (and possibly giving a hefty backhand). This further adds to the runaway situation we have now in which large corporations are calling all the shots because they basically own the place.

The rapidly increasing power and influence of big business is morphing society to make big business even bigger and therefore more influential. In fact, it would be fair to say that governments now act primarily in the interests of big business, not the people who elect them. And this is why there is now so much public disgust with politicians, who quietly drop their campaign promises as soon as they are elected. (A recent poll in the UK showed that the combined popularity of the main party leaders, including the prime minister, were the lowest they had ever been since polling began.)

Money, however, not only skews the political and legislative processes, it also skews the scientific process. Only those outside the scientific research world believe in the fairy story of scientific objectivity and the foolproof nature of the peer-review process. In reality, research is subject to the influence of its sponsor, and it is very easy to bury studies that do not support the objective of the sponsor. (Do enough studies, select the best of them, and you can usually come up with “positive clinical evidence” for even the most useless treatment).

For example, a 2012 report in the scientific journal Nature ( by Glenn Begley (former head of cancer research at Amgen) and Lee Ellis (surgical oncologist at MD Anderson), describes how 100 Amgen scientists [Amgen is a multinational biopharmaceutical company] could only replicate 6 of the results of 53 widely cited landmark cancer research papers. This means that 47 (89%) of these important research papers, papers which influence how cancer is treated, may well be based on spurious research — they are bad science. And to make matters worse, some of the authors of research questioned by the Amgen scientists insisted on a confidentiality agreement preventing the investigating Amgen scientists from publicly disclosing data at odds with the original findings. So these key cancer medical researchers not only know the spurious nature of their research, but they are quite prepared to cover it up, something which is against public interest because it ultimately costs lives — possibly a huge number. (Under any other name, this is mass murder, but under the conventional cancer treatment banner, this is business as usual.)

Sharon Begley of Reuters also reported in her article (“In cancer science, many ‘discoveries’ don’t hold up,” it is not just Amgen scientists who are aware of this massive problem:

[This Amgen report] echoes a report from scientists at Bayer AG last year. Neither group of researchers alleges fraud, nor would they identify the research they had tried to replicate.

But they and others fear the phenomenon is the product of a skewed system of incentives that has academics cutting corners to further their careers.

George Robertson of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia previously worked at Merck on neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s. While at Merck, he also found many academic studies that did not hold up.

“It drives people in industry crazy. Why are we seeing a collapse of the pharma and biotech industries? One possibility is that academia is not providing accurate findings,” he said.

The National Academy of Sciences held a panel to discuss these problems, and the fact that “the number of scientific papers that had to be retracted increased more than tenfold over the last decade [while] the number of journal articles published rose only 44 percent.” Panelist, Ferric Fang of the University of Washington, stated:

The surest ticket to getting a grant or job is getting published in a high-profile journal. This is an unhealthy belief that can lead a scientist to engage in sensationalism and sometimes even dishonest behaviour.

So just because research is “peer-reviewed” is no guarantee that it is objective or accurate. ( Indeed, some prefer to call these journals “peer-controlled” rather than “peer-reviewed” because the peers who are acting as gatekeepers for the journals often have a financial interest in supporting the status quo — their own careers and status are on the line. Just try submitting scientific research on alternative treatments and you soon come up against a brick wall.

The British Medical Journal itself, in its Clinical Evidence journal, reported in 2007 that only 13% of orthodox treatments were in the beneficial category. 23% of treatments were “likely to be beneficial”; 8% were a “trade-off between benefits and harms”, 6% were “unlikely to be beneficial”; 4% were “likely to be ineffective or harmful”; and a full 46% were of “unknown effectiveness”. And these statistics are from a leading mainstream medical journal, and so are likely to be more conservative estimates (from an independent perspective the scientific ineffectiveness of conventional medicine is likely to be worse). This means that doctors haven’t a clue as to the effectiveness of half of the treatments they are giving, and most of the remaining portion are questionable.

The bigger picture that was not covered in Sharon Begley’s Reuters article above is that the massive pharmaceutical industry is the one that is actually funding most of the research. So rather than just being part of the solution in identifying the high levels of bad science, as the Amgen scientists were doing, they are the ones that are funding most of this bad science with their research grants and donations to universities. When big business and science meet, you can be sure that objectivity and ethics are compromised because of the levels of money involved.

Scientists and doctors, Gary Null, Caroyln Dean, Martin Feldman, Deborah Rasio and Dorothy Smith, produced a detailed report entitled “Death by Medicine” in 2006. The authors uncovered the fact that nearly 800,000 people in the United States alone are killed by conventional medicine every year, making it the leading cause of death and injury in the US. You can read the full article here:

And this article went on to inspire Gary Null to produce an excellent documentary of the same name which you can watch here:

So going back to cancer treatment, we see an insanely profitable conventional cancer treatment industry not only ineffective for the vast majority of cancer sufferers and based mostly on spurious science, but one that has also been granted a monopoly by our governments to prevent other treatments (which may or may not be more effective) from even being discussed (like blocking the alternative cancer conference in the Totnes public hall). This situation cannot be, by any stretch of the imagination, in the public interest.

The problem with most of the alternative cancer treatments is that they include more natural approaches such as special diets, natural food supplements, herbs, holistic treatments, nutrients and other lifestyle changes, treatments that are not profitable for big business because they cannot be patented and owned. Therefore, giving big business the monopoly on cancer treatment ensures that only treatments that fit its big business model are even considered for cancer sufferers, and these are almost entirely profitable drug and radiation treatments that can be intellectually owned and therefore effectively marketed.

Just suppose, hypothetically if you want, that special diets, natural food supplements, herbs, holistic treatments, nutrients and/or other lifestyle changes do in fact present a more successful way to treat cancer than current conventional methods. If this were the case, the public would be kept almost entirely in the dark about it because those with the monopoly on cancer treatment would never examine these approaches. And not only that, but they would actively discourage media reporting of these approaches as they would be seen as damaging to existing profits. We have to remember that just because pharmaceuticals are dealing with life and death situations does not imply that the healthcare industry is more ethical than other industries in the way they chase profits. Business is business, and when the conventional cancer care industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, you can be absolutely sure that current ineffective treatments will be aggressively and often underhandedly defended using effectively unlimited resources. (To see just how Big Pharma deals with competing healthcare systems, read investigative journalist Martin Walker’s excellent exposé called Dirty Medicine in which he thoroughly documents the underhanded assault on natural health care —

With the massive influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the mainstream media (through ownership, advertising and PR etc.), it is actually a remarkable testimony to the persistence and efficacy of alternative cancer treatments that so many people seek out these alternative treatments and that positive articles still manage to get published in the mainstream media. After all, if a trillion-dollar industry is unable to stamp out the competition, then that competition is certainly worth investigating!

It is important to state at this point that alternative cancer treatments are not necessarily more effective than conventional ones. There is certainly evidence that some might well be, but with practically all research money going to conventional treatment, the necessary studies are just not being done on the same scale. After all, to study any less-profitable treatments requires Government grants, because industry (which supports most clinical research) is not going to be interested if the treatment does not fit its profit-making model. But as Government is so closely allied to the pharmaceutical companies, grants for research into alternative cancer treatments are notoriously hard to procure. (And the large cancer research charities focus their funding almost entirely on conventional cancer treatment, which is why they should not be supported.)

Of course there are token studies undertaken on some aspects of these non-profitable cancer treatment approaches such as lifestyle changes, but the results of those studies, no matter how successful, don’t seem make it into mainstream cancer care. In fact, there is as much as a 50-year gap between the findings of new research and the implementation of those findings by medical doctors. For example, a multitude of studies over the past few decades have shown a strong link between cancer and poor diets, so you would assume that oncologists would make it standard policy to advise cancer patients to avoid junk food and eat healthy diets. But this does not generally happen, despite the research. Indeed, when Kevin Wright, who used to run the charity Kids Integrated Cancer Treatment, took his son to the leading children’s cancer hospital in the UK, for example, he was given a leaflet advising parents on how to feed their sick children. Wright brought the leaflet with him to the Totnes Cancer Healthcare Conference mentioned above and it unambiguously recommends an appalling high sugar, high junk food diet. And that is exactly what the nurses at that hospital were getting for the children in their care. (Fast-food outlets like McDonalds and Burger King are now prevalent in conventional hospitals because those that control the hospitals are unfortunately in healthcare La La Land sponsored by big business. It is not about health, it is about money, and junk food not only makes money, but it will get you more clients for your hospital.)

So the conventional cancer treatment industry maintains the status quo, pushing treatments that it can profit from and discouraging treatments it cannot profit from, irrespective of treatment effectiveness. The word “discouraging” is perhaps a little tame for some of their thuggish behaviour in stamping out the competition. We might feel outrage at the lengths that the medical industry will go to maintain its monopolies and eliminate the competition, but this behaviour is business as usual for all sectors of big business. This is the way that corporations operate. (For more information on corporations, how they operate and how they damage society, watch the following film-documentary that was released a few years back:

The other major reason for big business rejecting alternative cancer treatments is that they tend to be multi-faceted. Most people who take alternative and complementary treatments usually take a number of them, rather than taking just one in isolation. And often (but not always), alternative treatments are individually tailored to each person, especially with holistic alternative treatments where the person rather than the disease is the focus of treatment. With this approach, it is difficult to turn most alternative treatments into easily-packaged commodities, or indeed into treatments that can be reductively studied scientifically, where the causative factors have to be somewhat limited. After all, if there are too many variables in a study, even the best statistical methods will fail to quantify the relative effectiveness of each component of the treatment — identifying which ones are useful and which ones are not. (This is a problem due to the complexity of both alternative treatment methods and the body: see In Defense of Alternative Medicine – With 15% to 50% of cancer patients using alternative and complementary treatments (the stats are about 33% in Europe, even conventional cancer treatment reviews are questionable due to the number of variables involved with such wide scale complementary practices.

This is not, however, a dismissal of conventional medicine; it certainly has its place. Modern conventional medicine is second-to-none with regard to dealing with medical emergencies. If you get run over by a car, your best bet on recovery is your local emergency hospital, not your local homeopathic clinic. Conventional emergency care is called acute medicine, and is tailored for injuries, infections, organ failure etc., in fact any situation that requires urgent and rapid intervention, often to save patients’ lives.

But what plagues society today are often complex chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, respiratory diseases, mental health disorders and the like, which are responsible for 63% of all deaths, and a far larger percentage of treatment cost as treatments tend to be more expensive and longer-term (you are usually in hospital far longer if you have cancer than if you have an infection or an injury). Indeed, The World Economic Forum has estimated that the the global cost of treating the five top chronic diseases — cancer, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and mental health disorders — could top $47 trillion by 2030.

These complex chronic diseases require a different approach to that of acute conditions. With acute medical issues, the focus has to be on the symptoms of the problem because it is those symptoms that are putting the patient’s life in danger. Infections and injury are obvious examples where the focus is on dealing with the symptoms, and the primary concern is the patient’s immediate stabilization, not how he or she was injured or caught the infection. With chronic diseases, on the other hand, long-term factors such as lifestyle and psychological issues come into play. Usually, if left unchecked with no lifestyle changes made, chronic diseases eventually reach a critical phase — vascular disease can lead to a heart attack and cancer can stop our organs working — and when this happens the situation demands acute conventional medicine, which might well include emergency surgery. This is conventional medicine at its best. But if your heart disease is not at an emergency stage (yet), then your best bet might be to focus on completely modifying your diet, controlling your psychological stress levels and taking gentle exercise. These are not, however, profitable to conventional medicine, and so Big Pharma has instead developed a slew of powerful and profitable drugs such as statins, ACE inhibitors, diuretics, warfarin, and beta-blockers, that patients are often put on for the rest of their lives, drugs that can have some very serious long-term side-effects. In this way, the symptom-focused medical model is used to “treat” a chronic disease, a recipe for quick symptomatic fixes at the expense of long-term health. Statins, for example, are drugs with dangerous side-effects that are routinely prescribed preventively for those with high cholesterol, and yet even The Lancet has suggested that they are almost useless for women and older men. (See and the book Food is Better Medicine than Drugs by Holford and Burne.)

The same considerations regarding acute medical mindset being used on chronic disease applies to cancer as well. For instance, if a tumour is pressing against a vital organ, it may need to be surgically removed (if indeed it can be safely removed) as quickly as possible. After this, a course of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy to try to kill any remaining cancer cells and possible secondary cancer sites, and possibly hormone therapy. (If a tumour is inoperable then it is usually just blasted with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy — with the oncologist just hoping for the best.) This is an acute medical approach to cancer. The cause of the disease is not a consideration, and the treatment is entirely symptom-focused and aggressive. (Follow-up chemotherapy and radiotherapy, outside of the immediate emergency situation, is however questionable, because damage to the immune system can have deleterious long-term consequences.)

But what if the cancer is not immediately life-threatening and treatment is less immediately urgent? The conventional treatment is pretty much the same acute care response — a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy (and sometimes hormone therapy). But these treatments, all of which can rapidly reduce the size of a tumour (or number of cancer cells in the case of non-tumour cancer), cause a great deal of injury to the body, to such an extent that they usually irreparably damage the immune system causing fatal relapses. (The small number of cancer cells that survive the poisoning and burning of chemotherapy and radiotherapy tend to be the more hardy and virulent ones, so that when/if the cancer recurs, it is significantly more likely to kill the patient.) This short-term view might be considered an acceptable risk if the cancer is immediately life-threatening, but if it is not, then short-term gains in rapid reduction in the number of cancer cells might not actually have any long-term benefit. Indeed, the severity of the treatment usually means that not only is little is actually gained in the longer-term, but it comes at the price of terrible suffering in the short-term. (The question that always needs to be asked is whether the little gained is worth the suffering.)

On the other hand, alternative approaches to cancer treatment tend to be slower and less aggressive, taking a longer term view of patient survival and not focusing exclusively on goals like the rapidity of tumour shrinkage. Disease-causes are investigated in relation to formulating treatments with view to long-term success rather than short-term symptomatic reduction. Deeper questions are asked such as “Why has the cancer rate increased so enormously over the last century?” to try to understand what the main causes might be, which can lead to preventative measures. This is a more systemic approach that brings together integrated treatments (which may sometimes include elements of conventional cancer treatment) to give the best chance of long-term survival. These approaches might involve changing the diet, removing toxins from the body (which both cause cancer and interfere with the body’s defense mechanisms), taking additional high-nutrient and anti-cancer food supplements, and undertaking various other alternative therapies. (After all, diet changes and a massive toxin increase are hallmarks of modern living recent and so could well be causative factors in the alarming cancer-rate increases.) Usually, no single component of most alternative cancer treatments can be classified or identified as the “active component” — all elements working synergistically together — and this creates a nightmare, mentioned above, of trying to squeeze multi-faceted treatments through cookie-cutter research analysis that requires simpler cause-and-effect mechanisms (procedures and active components that can be more easily isolated to determine their specific roles and effects).

This slower approach does not fit well with the conventional medical model which wants quick results using patentable and therefore profitable treatment programs and drugs. This is why the FDA defines how effective a cancer treatment is by how quickly it can reduce a tumour. In the words of US congressman Ron Paul, at a recent press conference, “the FDA and the drug companies are in bed together.” He went on to ask, “What does the FDA do when it comes to alternative or natural products? The FDA and the drug industry keep them off the market.” ( This is due to the usual revolving door hiring policies between the FDA and the drug companies, policies that ensure that the FDA is working almost exclusively in the interests of Big Pharma, which is why the organisation is working so hard at the moment to outlaw alternative medicine and natural foods. (Check out for updates on the latest FDA assaults on American liberty, assaults that are becoming the hallmark of health regulatory bodies throughout Europe and other countries around the world, including the World Health Organisation itself — see

So today we have a system of medicine that is second to none for acute conditions, but misses the mark completely for most complex chronic conditions such as cancer. But because cancer treatment has become a mammoth cash cow for big business, ineffective but insanely profitable treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy enjoy a wholly undeserved monopoly status. We have allowed the profits of private corporations to control how chronic life-and-death diseases are treated. And like any industry given a monopoly, it will not only use its considerable influence to make sure that the monopoly stays in place, but the system itself will naturally tune to profit maximization (as there is no competition) rather than effectiveness. So the dismal success rate of conventional cancer treatments creates little to no incentive to challenge those treatments when they are protected by a monopoly. This is entirely understandable from a big business perspective where profit is the focus, but it is a tragedy from a human perspective.

This means that the whole edifice of modern cancer care is rotten at the core because policy is controlled by big business. This problem of profits coming before people is a universal one across all industries, not just the healthcare sector. For example, you only have to look at the banking system and how corrupt it has become, and how it operates against the interest of society as a whole, to see a classic case of money calling the shots at the expense of everything else. The corruption of the banking system was exposed after the recent financial collapse and bailout fiasco, so that today most people would agree with you if you called the banking industry corrupt, whereas a decade ago, most would dismiss the accusation as conspiracy theory because… well banks and bankers were considered just too respectable!

There are now similar problems with the food industry, where corporate control is ensuring that our food becomes what is most profitable to big business rather than what is most healthy to the individual. As a consequence, profitable foods such as those that are highly processed, high-sugar, high-fat, high-salt, addictive, and genetically modified are being forced onto the population, creating a disease time-bomb which ironically creates more profits for the “healthcare” industry! (It is no coincidence that health insurance companies often have massive stakes in the fast food industry –

Genetic modification of food is particularly concerning because no adequate long-term safety studies are being done, and many of the studies that show the dangers of genetically modified food have been buried, their authors vilified and retired from their research careers. Genetic modification allows corporations to own food sources, including the seeds produced from crops, and only someone extremely naive would think that this was in the interests of the collective. You often hear the argument that genetically modified crops will solve world hunger, but the reality is actually very different. (See

So big business control of any sector of modern civilisation creates problems for the majority of people by its very nature as a profit-focused system. Some make the point that corporations have to service their customers well for them to be successful, but while this applies to smaller and medium sized corporations, it does NOT apply to massive multi-national businesses, especially those like the cancer treatment industry that enjoy a monopoly. These behemoths have too much power and control to be led by consumer interests. Instead, they manipulate people into consuming what is most profitable to them, and they do this through monopolies and other protective legislation, as well as their control over the media and, in the case of healthcare and food production, the entire medical establishment. Most people do not realize that multi-national corporations are not just scaled up versions of smaller corporations, they are an entirely different species, one that is exempt from many of the checks and balances — and taxes — that automatically apply to smaller corporations.

If big business is the root cause of ineffective modern cancer treatment, what can we actually do about it? How do we break this monopoly?

Fortunately, we have not reached a stage (yet) when medical treatment is forced on adults, and so long as we the people have a choice as to how we want our cancer treated, we have the option to avoid Big Pharma solutions if those solutions are not actually in our long-term interest. How would we know? By looking for independent sources of information, and by getting involved with organisations that are fighting for your right to a choice of effective healthcare. Here are some of the things you can do for yourself and anyone you know with cancer to find the most effective way forward:

  • Try to at least consult with open-minded doctors, health practitioners and other medical consultants willing to state the limits of conventional medicine (including actual 5-year survival statistics for particular treatments) and willing to suggest (and perhaps supervise) effective alternative and complementary treatments. There are also many clinics that offer alternative cancer treatments, usually with medical doctors on hand.
  • Investigate cancer treatment info websites that include alternative and complementary cancer treatments, and look for statistical assessments of treatments (both conventional and unconventional) that you are considering. It is true that the internet has a lot of misinformation on it too, but no more so than we get from the mouths of most doctors and hospital staff.
  • Visit online forums where cancer patients discuss treatment prognosis based on similar treatments for similar conditions. This not only imparts important information, but also gives invaluable emotional support to those facing intense treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Check out books on alternative and complementary cancer treatments that include the wider perspective of lifestyle changes.
  • Attend (and organise if you can) lectures and talks (no matter how formal or informal) on alternative and complementary cancer treatments, such as Stephen Hopwood’s Totnes cancer conference mentioned above.
  • Support individuals and organisations that are defending your rights to natural and alternative treatments. For example, in Europe, the David going up against the Goliath of the EU healthcare regulatory body, which is trying to regulate out of existence effective food supplements, herbs and other forms of natural and alternative healthcare, is the Alliance for Natural Health ( and its spokesperson and founder Dr. Robert Verkerk. The ANH is also doing important work in other parts of the world including the US ( Get involved with this organisation if you have the time, or perhaps support it with a donation.
  • If you want to support cancer charities that are making a real difference, support the small alternative and complementary cancer charities which give out a lot of information, organise events, and support those that conventional medicine has given up on. But AVOID donating to the large charities focused on cancer research as their support focuses on conventional treatments, making them part of the problem, not part of the solution. In fact, some describe them as the PR-agents of Big Pharma. Charities in the UK you might consider are Yes to Life( and Cancer Active ( And of course it is always good to donate to cancer care hospice charities which really do provide an invaluable service.

It can take real courage not to just blindly follow your doctor’s advice. If you refuse chemotherapy in the UK, for example, you can forfeit your right to be seen by an NHS doctor. This is understandably a frightening prospect for most people, and few have the courage to take an alternative path until they have completely failed the conventional route, by which time their chances of success with alternative treatments is low. This is one of the worrying dilemmas faced by cancer patients who are interested in alternative and complementary approaches. Challenging those in authority is very difficult for most people, who have been conditioned by society since birth not to rock the boat. But there is also no better motivation to rock the boat when your life is on the line.

We must all educate ourselves on the different cancer treatments available using independent information outlets which big business has no influence on, and pass that information on to anyone we know suffering from cancer. We have to expose the cancer racket being perpetrated by big business in the name of health, and get the Cancer Act 1939 , and similar protective legislation around the world, repealed because these monopolies are causing untold suffering. This 73-year-old law serves no positive purpose apart from filling Big Pharma’s coffers, allow it to gain even more control over government and society.

Where will this end? As big business gets its tentacles into every aspect of modern life, when it owns and controls everything, we will be living in the Big Brother nightmare that Orwell wrote about in 1984. Some say that nightmare is here already. Had this statement been made a decade or two ago, it would be dismissed as conspiracy theory. But people worldwide are waking up to the the fact that even in so called “free” and “democratic” societies, those in authority are not acting for the collective interest. At best they merely have their noses in the trough, at worst, they are also scheming to centralize power, ridding ordinary people of their freedoms of choice, including healthcare choices, in all but the most superficial aspects of their lives. People have become commodities, pawns in a system that enslaves them — invariably in the name of “safety” and “their own good”. Big Brother knows best and will protect you… so long as you obey him!

The internet is the last bastion of free speech in a corporatised world, which is why governments (especially the US government) and the corporations that control them, are pushing so hard for online censorship and control. As long as there is free speech, we are never going to be completely in the control of big business. But dark clouds are appearing on the horizon as new censorship laws (such as SOPA, PIPA and the like) are being introduced, in the name of public safety and intellectual property protection. Recently in America, for example, the Board of Dietetics / Nutrition in North Caroline have threatened a nutritional blogger with jail for advocating a health diet on his website claiming that he is guilty of the crime of “practicing nutrition without a license.” (For more info, visit: This means that we may get to the stage whereby only those who are licensed (indoctrinated) can disseminate information — in other words, only doctrine will be allowed to be freely expressed. When this happens, we will not be so far off from Orwell’s thought-crimes, and the enslavement of the human race will be complete.

On a slightly different note, what is most disappointing when we campaign for healthcare outside of the big business monopoly is that we invariably end up having to defend ourselves on two fronts: first against big business and its lackeys (government officials, medical doctors, and local trading standard officials) who obediently execute its agendas, and secondly against a motley crew of skeptics — solo or group vigilantes who vigorously defend anything that challenges the monopoly of big business, especially in the areas of healthcare and food manufacture. Some of them act independently to big business, taking upon themselves the responsibility to outlaw anything remotely alternative — alternatives which are always labelled as “bad science”, and those that promote them, as “quacks”, “charlatans” and “scammers”. Others are on the big business payroll, either directly or indirectly, and defend their masters because their living depends upon it.

Skeptics focused on alternative and complementary healthcare actually believe or are paid to believe in the fantasy that big business, with its unlimited financial resources, is unable and/or unwilling to skew science, politics and legislation in pursuit of its corporate agendas. They believe that the influence of money can be held in check by proper government procedures and scientific vetting. In their minds, objectivity can be protected from manipulation, and so the healthcare promoted by big business, which masquerades as scientific (despite the fact that only 15% of conventional medicine is based on science at all), is the only legitimate healthcare, with every other system of healthcare being, by definition, a scam or superstition.

You hear the most ridiculous and unscientific beliefs, beliefs that form the Skeptics’ Creed because they have no scientific backing. Here are a few of the beliefs you can find online on some of the prominent skeptics’ websites:

  • Anyone cured of cancer by an alternative cancer treatment was probably misdiagnosed in the first place or was fortunate enough to have a spontaneous remission. Alternative treatments do not work, period. And of course anyone who gets better from conventional treatment was diagnosed correctly and did not have a spontaneous remission.
  • The figures that show conventional medicine kills hundreds of thousands of people a year are false, no matter what the source.
  • Those that die at the hands of conventional medicine are the unfortunate collateral damage in a war that has saved a greater number of lives.
  • The war on cancer is being won by conventional treatments. Cancer recovery rates are rising, and this has nothing to do with earlier detection.
  • Peer-reviewed studies are the only means of testing medical treatments, despite the fact that most of conventional medicine is not based on them.
  • Modern conventional treatments are backed by science, and so nobody should question them or the doctors that prescribe them.
  • Big Pharma is trying to do the best for us. They would never dream of hurting us for profit. And anyway, it would be illegal for them to do so.
  • The legislation that prevents big business from manipulating research results is perfectly adequate. Most research can be trusted.
  • Anyone promoting alternative treatments is naive and/or a charlatan. In fact, those like Stephen Hopwood are “scumbags”.
  • Modern orthodox cancer care is second to none and its monopoly should be protected at all costs.
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are scientifically proven to work and are effective cancer treatments.
  • Taking food supplements is unnecessary, even when recovering from illness. A “balanced diet” provides everything you need.
  • Junk food can be an important part of a “balanced diet”, which is why it is freely recommended to children with cancer.
  • Processing foods does not remove its nutrients but can enhance them. Processed foods is good for you.
  • Diet has no effect on behaviour. (Give those hyperactive screaming kids Ritalin instead, which of course is safe or it wouldn’t be legal.)
  • The fluoridation of water is safe and good for our teeth, despite the fact that there is no evidence that swallowed fluoride does anything for the teeth.
  • Pesticides and other chemical fertilizers are not harmful to health, and organic food is a waste of time and money.
  • Additives and preservatives are safe, otherwise they wouldn’t be on the market. The government regulatory bodies can be fully trusted.
  • Recommended Daily Allowances are adequate and not set too low. And any nutritive factor which has not been given an RDA by the government is not needed, even when we are sick.
  • When we are stressed , our need for nutrients such as vitamins is not increased in any way.
  • Natural food supplements are not healthier than synthetic ones.
  • Health cannot be rapidly affected by changes in diet.
  • Detoxification cannot be encouraged by particular nutrients. It is a myth and one that is perpetrated by quacks.
  • Sugar is perfectly healthy.

The list of nonsense goes on and on, despite the fact that these beliefs contradict most independent scientific research. Skeptics take every opportunity to promote their creed as objective science, a creed that offers them a worldview in which they are safely cocooned by Big Brother, where the government and big businesses patriarchies protect, heal and nurture them. It is a comforting illusion, but one that unfortunately masks a terrible reality. But denial is easier to cope with, and the tight ideological strait-jacket of mental bondage is a small price to pay for perceived security. Actually, many skeptics seem to get a positive kick out of denigrating anything and everything outside their tightly controlled worldviews. And their justification is usually public safety. However, if public safety really was the motivating factor, these individuals and organisations would be focusing their attention on Big Pharma which is killing hundreds of thousands of people annually, and maiming countless others. This is the real scam going on.

It is indeed a comforting thought for most people that their doctors are looking out for their best interests, promoting the safest and most effective treatment programs and pharmaceutical drugs. But it is unfortunately (and perhaps shockingly for many) not true. Even the kindest of doctors with the very best intentions have been indoctrinated into a system of medicine cultured to enrich the pharmaceutical industry. We have to awaken to the hijacking of every aspect of our lives by big business, and realize that we are collectively being exploited by the few for the profits of the few. The conventional cancer treatment protection racket is only a small part of a far larger agenda that is rapidly moving modern society towards a Big Brother scenario. Already in Europe, for example, people are waking up to the fact that their governments have sold them out to a non-democratically elected central power base in Brussels, a treason that was masqueraded as economic cooperation before it was realized that it involved the dissolution of basic sovereignty and self-determination.

In today’s uncertain world, we collectively seem so eager to give up our freedom for security, falling for the propaganda that only by forfeiting freedoms can we deal with the perceived dangers ahead. Before he became President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower gave a speech in 1949 in which he stated:

“If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They will have enough to eat, a bed and a roof over their heads. But if an American wants to preserve his dignity and his equality as a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government.”

Freedom is not a luxury to be enjoyed when the world is safer, but is as basic as oxygen to human existence. If we give up our freedom for security, then we dehumanize ourselves. Fear is a potent weapon when it comes to controlling a population and getting it to give up its human rights, rights that get in the way of corporate and political agendas.

Those freedoms can and must include the freedom to determine our own healthcare, including cancer care, and to discuss these topics openly in public venues. If we allow outdated legislation like the Cancer Act 1939 in the UK (and similar legislation in other parts of the world) to interfere with these freedoms, to interfere with Freedom of Speech, then we lose our very humanity, becoming slaves to a system that wants to dictate every aspect of our lives, from how we are treated when we are sick, to the foods we eat — all in the name of profit.

So defending the right to discuss alternative and complementary cancer treatments at Hopwood’s Totnes cancer conference was not just an issue about healthcare, but more importantly was an act of standing up to the control of big business — the same control that allowed draconian legislation like the Cancer Act 1939 to be passed in the first place, legislation that protects treatments that even most oncologists privately reject.

I hope that none of you reading this article will ever get cancer, but if you do, I hope that you have access to ALL the information you need to responsibly make an informed choice that is entirely in your own interest, rather than have a third party with questionable interests make that choice for you. After all, making informed choices in every aspect of our lives, especially health, is a central part of our basic humanity.



Thanks for getting through this one. It is a very long and rambling article I know, but I did want to emphasise the symbiotic relationship between conventional healthcare (in this case cancer care) and the operations of big business. You cannot understand them independently of each other as they are basically one and the same. This is not conspiracy theory, but just what naturally happens as big business takes over the different facets of society. The truth is that democracy and big business are on a collision course, a fact that people all over the world are now waking up to. As long as big business is allowed to influence politicians and the medical establishment with its legal bribes, then this situation of protected ineffective and expensive healthcare will continue unabated, as will the sacrifice of ordinary people to fill the corporate coffers.

Update 20 Oct 2012

Much of the problem with conventional cancer treatments and the blocking of alternative and complementary cancer treatments stem from the misuse of mathematics. It is invalid in disease states to compare the results of large-groups of people using randomized double-blind trials, the so called “gold standard” of medical research. This irrational approach, which is called Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) is mathematically invalid because it assumes a “one-size-fits-all” approach to a problem where each person is actually unique in their expression of different disease states. Research on populations cannot be mindlessly applied to individuals. If you are interested in looking further into the irrationality of EBM, check out the book Tarnished Gold: The Sickness of Evidence-based Medicine by Steve Hickey PhD and Hilary Roberts PhD.


This article is for interest only and should not form the basis of diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition or illness. If you are unwell or have a specific medical condition, please base your healthcare decisions on the advice of a medical doctor or other healthcare practitioner.


Legalese & The Strawman


Via Pete Danby – this is a good place to start researching legalese and strawman

Legalese is a secret language invented to trick you. It uses English words but attaches secret meanings to those words with the sole intention of stopping you believing that what they are saying to you has nothing to do with the normal meaning in the English language. Their purpose is to cheat you and rob you.
For example, they will say to you “Do you understand?” . In English, that means “Do you comprehend what I am saying to you?” and the automatic response would be “Yes”, meaning “I do comprehend what you are saying to me”. But these sneaky, underhand people have changed the meaning in Legalese to mean “Do you stand under me?” meaning “Do you grant me authority over you so that you have to obey whatever I tell you to do?”.
What makes it even worse, is the fact that they will never tell you that they have switched from English to Legalese, and if that is not dishonest, underhand and unscrupulous, then I don’t know what is! If you answer the question believing that English is being spoken, then they pretend that you are contracting with them to become subordinate to them. Whether or not that is actually true is debatable because that is effectively a verbal contract between you and them and for any contract to be valid, there has to be full and open disclosure of all of the terms of the contract, and then, unreserved acceptance by both parties, and in these cases, that has most definitely, not occurred.
But what is the point in all this? Well, this manoeuvre is intended to trick you into agreeing to represent your strawman. Why? Aaah now, that is a good question, but to answer it takes a bit of explaining, and you need to understand the overall situation:
All humans are born equal, with complete freedom of choice and action. If you live in the same place as a lot of other people, then there are a few restrictions which have grown up, by common consent, over time. These restrictions are for your protection and the protection of the other people living near you. These restrictions are called “the Law” (or more accurately: “Common Law”) and they are few in number and very easy to understand. They are:
You must not injure or kill anyone.
You must not steal or damage things owned by somebody else.
You must be honest in your dealings and not swindle anyone.
These have resulted from hundreds of years of disputes which have been dealt with through using common sense and the opinions of ordinary people. They are the only limitations on you, and if you don’t want to abide by them, then you need to go to some isolated place and stay away from other people.
Many people think that there are hundreds of other laws which they have to keep (and new ones every other day), but that is not so. Those other things are called “statutes” and keeping them is optional for you, the human, BUT they are not optional for your fictitious strawman, and that is why the people who benefit from those things want to persuade you to represent your strawman and so become subject to all of their invented restrictions and charges.
If you knew that they were optional, would you agree to:
Give most of your earnings away in taxes and similar charges?
Pay to own a vehicle?
Pay to own a television set?
Pay to drive on roads which were built with your money?
Be forced to join armed services if you are told to?
Send an army which is supposed to represent you, into another country to murder innocent people there?
Were you ever told that these things are optional? If you agree to represent your strawman, then these things become binding on you. These are some of the “statutes” which ‘politicians’ keep inventing in order to make you poor, make them and their friends rich, and keep you in a position where you have to do everything they say, no matter how much that harms you and does away with your natural rights and freedom.
But, says somebody, we elect a government to represent us and so we have to do what they say, after all, they have our best interests at heart don’t they?
Well, that is a nice thought, but is it actually true? No it isn’t. You think that you elect politicians to represent you in your government, but that is not what you actually do. That is part of a very carefully fostered illusion intended to keep you in your place and giving most of your earnings away (typically, 80% of all you earn). Part of the secret is that what is supposed to be your ‘government’ is actually a privately owned, for-profit company and all that you do when voting, is help choose the serving officers inside that company. It will never make the slightest difference to what happens in the future as the company policy and actions are controlled by the owners of the company and they are not influenced in any way whatsoever by what you want.
Think this is far fetched? Then check it out via Dun & Bradstreet or any of the other places which records the setting up and performance of the 160,000,000 commercial companies world-wide. When you do that, you will discover that, for example, the House of Commons is a commercial for-profit company (number UC2279443), The Labour Party is a commercial company which trades under the name of “Allister Darling MP”, The House of Lords which is the highest court in the land is a private company, the United Kingdom Corporation Ltd. formerly known as the “United Kingdom plc” and which never complied with the law which requires it to file it’s financial records, is also a private company. The Ministry of Justice D-U-N-S Number 22-549-8526, Directors: Lord Falconer of Thoroton is a private company set up in the year 1600. The Bank of England is a private company, as is every Court and every Police Force and even the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry is a company and not a person.
It gets even more ridiculous when you discover that The Devon and Cornwall Police is a company which has been taken over by a company owned by IBM which is paid an annual budget of £256,800,000 taken from members of the public. Gilbert and Sullivan would have loved this reality as a script for one of their comedies. Lancashire County Council was incorporated as a company (IP00666C) in 2002. It’s registered office was “3rd Floor, Christ Church Precinct, County Hall, Preston” and it was completely dissolved on 25th January 2008 and all of it’s Assets and Liabilities were transferred on 12th November 2007 to another company – “The Blues and Twos Credit Union Ltd.” whose registered address is Lancashire Police Headquarters, PO Box 77, Hutton, Preston. Do you by any chance get the feeling that you are being taken for a ride here?
Just in case you are not aware of it, the purpose of any commercial ‘for-profit’ company or corporation is to make money for it’s owners (and shareholders if there are any). The people whom you think of as ‘The Government’ don’t do anything which earns money – instead, they take money from you and their main job is to make sure that you don’t realise that they are in the same position as IBM which takes away a cool £256 million of your money every year.”
So, why all the pretence of there being a genuine government which you elect and who serve you? They don’t want you to understand that they are just running a company which produces nothing of any worth – something like a betting shop, where almost every customer loses money – and wake up to the fact that, unlike what you have been told all your life, this is all optional and you don’t need to play their rip-off game any longer unless you want to.
They want you to be so burdened down with paying them money and working so hard and so long that you don’t have the time, money or energy to stop and think about what is happening to you and your family.
They are desperate to stop you from just walking away from their scam, and so they make every effort to connect you with the fiction which is your strawman because fictitious entities like commercial companies can’t have any dealing with a real man or a real woman – they can only deal with another fiction like your strawman, and it is essential that they fool you into believing that you have to act on behalf of your strawman – which you don’t.
They have a number of well-proven methods of distracting you and keeping you from finding out. They want you to see a great deal of entertainment, not because there is anything wrong with entertainment, but while you are watching it you will not be asking awkward questions. Also, they are very careful that most entertainment reinforces their make-believe world and makes it appear to be “the real world” where everyone is under ‘The Government’, Police Officers uphold the law, taxes are essential in order to keep things going and things which are said to be bad for you, are taxed heavily (not to make money) but supposedly, to encourage you to avoid those things.
They also have another very effective technique, and that is fear. They want you to be afraid. Afraid of imaginary terrorists. Afraid of disasters. Afraid of new diseases. Afraid of foreign countries. Afraid of “the economy” doing badly and inflation rising. If you doubt this, then take a look at the news and count the number of positive, uplifting news items, and the number of negative or depressing news items. It doesn’t take much in the way of research to see the very heavy negative bias in the news. The reason behind this is to make you feel that you need a government and an army to protect you from these supposed dangers. It is easy to keep the news items biased that way, because all of the major news agencies and media outlets in the world are owned by only five or six privately owned commercial companies.
So to supposedly connect you to the strawman which they created for you when your birth was registered, they use the Legalese technique of conning you with the Name of the strawman. If you are ill-advised enough to go to a Court (which is a Corporate place of Business) as the accused, you will be asked to confirm your name, quoting the full name shown on your birth certificate, which is the LEGAL PERSONALITY. Titles such as Mr, Dr, Lord, PC, QC, or whatever are not asked for as they are not required. The “Accused” is actually the LEGAL PERSONALITY which is the name on the birth certificate, so when they ask for the person’s NAME, they are talking to the LEGAL PERSONALITY and not the human. This is because a human cannot exist in the legal world – only pieces of paper can, and that is something which they are very careful not to tell you.