Truth, Honor & Integrity Show with Thomas Williams 19th Oct 2017

This weeks Truth Honor & Integrity show covers the civil unrest in Spain & Catalonia and the fact that Main Stream Media turning a blind eye and reporting that the Catalonians are rioting which is untrue. The Harvey Weinstein issue unfolds with the covering of more elite reports of pedophilia, sexual abuse and rape.

The Crips gang in Los Angeles have been employed by the Bush organisation to enforce their agenda but a warning was sent out and this is thought not to be an issue anymore.

Thomas reports that Hilary Clinton has fled the USA to the UK due to the fact that there is a bounty on her head. She is thought to be under the protection of the Knights of Malta.

Also covered is the Direct Energy Devices which caused the fires in California.


Catalan Police Trained in Isreal?!?!

So, this is the new training advert from Guardian Spain. This is the police force techniques that will be implemented in Spain soon. So the hard handed way they have been trying to break up the Catalan independence voting is just a trial run.

Soon they will be using deadly force to break up gatherings of the public as they try to roll out  the one world order across all governments (Govern = rule with authority / ment = of the mind).

Here is an example of the violence being dished out