Soldiers Are Being Forced to Risk Death by Mandating the Covid Vaccine

This is the statement made by the wife of a serving soldier in the US Army, who is being forced to take the vaccine, even though he has an exemption On medical grounds.

This is the statement made by the wife of a serving soldier in the US Army, who is being forced to take the vaccine, even though he has an exemption On medical grounds.

“We are military here and this deeply effects my family. I served in the army for 6 years, and left the service honorably in order to marry and support my husband, a Chaplain in the Army. We have sacrificed 16 years of our lives to my husbands career, and a combined 22 years of service between us, only to get to this horrible and unexpected place.
My husband is currently deployed and was given a legitimate medical exemption by a military doctor, which was summarily deleted from his medical record without explanation on Sept 15, when the mandate was rolled out. He immediately appealed but was denied, and was given no room for rebuttal. My husband was told that the only medical exemption given is for near death experience following the first jab, and that he should take the shot at the hospital “near a crash cart just in case”. How’s that for “first do no harm”, not to mention this is still the EUA Pfizer? My husband already has a medical exemption for both the anthrax and flu vaccines due to a severe adverse reaction to small pox vaccine when he deployed to Afghanistan for 15 months. This Pfizer shot would kill him.
So my husband applied for a religious exemption right away and has heard nothing. He is a chaplain, so his religion is in direct sync with his profession and also directly opposes this vaccine. (In fact, we oppose all vaccines on religious and medical grounds and do not vaccinate our children.) Even so, he has not been given a religious exemption or a timetable for when to expect one. Further, as of this day, he knows of zero military service personnel who have received a religious exemption in any of the branches, so it looks like they are trying to wait for the time to run out and give them all blanket denials followed by dishonorable discharges- the discharge equivalence of a felon: whereby the service member loses all veteran benefits (health care, GI bill), the right to vote, to get a loan, to own a fire arm or get another job.
Since we have six young children, and since my husband is our breadwinner while I teach our kids at home, we have opted to resign his commission before he is given a dishonorable discharge for “failing to obey an order”, in refusing this injection. A resignation is better than a dishonorable discharge!
But- this leaves us soon jobless and destitute for the immediate future, when we were only four years away from our retirement and when we planned to buy our first home after moving all around the globe.
We have given so much to our country- people really have very little idea how hard this lifestyle is nor how costly in every way.
I’m trying to help my deployed husband as much as possible, which is hard, being on the other side of the world, as much of the information he is getting is censored or propaganda. It breaks my heart that he is punished by having to wear a mask everywhere for 24/7, including when he sleeps!, bc he has two roommates. My husband is treated like a social pariah, cannot leave the barracks without special permission, and cannot travel like the rest of the vaccinated are allowed. And yet, THEY are all now getting sick, and my husband is not! (Thanks to vitamins and prophylaxis.)
Thank you for reading our story:
I’m no longer scared or angry…. I just feel so sad and very stressed. We loved serving our nation and felt it was a privilege, but the magic has gone and we are forced into an impossible position. I have no idea what will happen to us.
Our country is losing all the very best of every industry, especially our national treasures found in our service members.
Please pray for us.”

The Annunaki – How They Shaped Our History


I’ve been extensively researching the Anunnaki timeline wondering how certain players like the Rothschilds and Merovingians fit in to the narrative. It’s clear they are running the show when it comes to politics, money, religion, media, education, eugenics, basically mass manipulation. I was always under the impression the Rothschilds were part of a very old, deeply rooted Babylonian cult serving Enlil, possibly his granddaughter, Isis, as there was a very powerful order named the Cult of Isis. When Marduk takes Babylon, this cult of Isis moves to Egypt and begins their infiltration process…Thoth already exiled by Marduk.

Here in Egypt, under the secret control of a Dark Babylonian, Enlilian Cult of Isis, we see corruption of the Pharaohs; they become brainwashed, obsessed with gold, swap loyalties between gods, brainwash their people, the Hebrews, who in my opinion, are just Babylonians (Enlilites) who fled to Egypt after Marduk took Babylon.

So if “God’s” chosen people are the Israelites, being freed from the oppression of the Pharaohs brainwashed by Enlilites (Enlil is Yahweh), then whose people are the Israelites? To me, the answer is in the name…they are the people of Isis and Ra El, Isis, mother of earth, and Marduk (Amen Ra). So the original Israelites are Enkiites, not Enlilites. The original Hebrews are followers of Enlil.

The entire conflict between Moses and his brother, Pharaoh at the time, was all about whose god could kick whose ass, Enlil on the Pharaoh’s side, and Marduk for Moses.

So the Israelites wander the desert for a while, probably a newer desert, which confused them because they were told it was paradise. They were looking for a land that had previously been nuked by Enlil and left to waste. I don’t think Marduk knew this. After a long conversation Moses had with Marduk, Marduk decides the Israelites were too far gone, brainwashed by Enlil elitists who demanded worship, repent, and sacrifice, things Marduk was not about. Marduk, like Enki and Thoth, wanted consciousness to rise, not submit. Enlil wanted submission.

So then we have these Israelites visiting all these space portals, Sinai, Jericho, looking for the control center at Jerusalem. Seems like a normal thing to do if the “promised land” is either not on this earth or deep underground inaccessible, possibly in the Halls of Amenti where Enki and Thoth reside in suspended animation.

After Alexander the Great conquered everything, from Greece, to Egypt, to Babylon, to Persia, he is said to have met Marduk in Babylon. This is where I think we see the end of Marduk’s physical presence on earth, for a while. I think he is in suspended animation like Thoth still but this mass invasion is when Enlil “checkmates” Marduk and regained control of Babylon.

Coincidentally around the same basic time, a little before, the Pharaoh Akhenaten had declared that Egypt was no longer polytheistic, worshipping all the Anunnaki, but monotheistic, worshipping the one true god, Aten, he called him, but it was really Amen Ra or Marduk. Amun being Enlil. After Akhenaten was murdered, the Babylonian Brotherhood of Enlil brainwashed his son Tutankhamun with vast wealth and destroyed nearly all records of Akhenaten and his philosophy. Notice the last letters in their names. Aten meaning Marduk, Amun meaning Enlil. We literally see the power shift here. Well, Akhenaten’s council managed to escape the Dark Brotherhood and found refuge in North America, likely Nova Scotia. A lot of old Free Masonic values are originally based on the belief system of Akhenaten. Many Rosicrucians knew of him and his followers. (Kensington Rune Stone). Even the founding fathers, or the real founding father, Francis Bacon, all talk about Akhenaten.

So in my research, I’ve found that Marduk was usurped by Enlil during this time period. I think Alexander the Great and Akhenaten were both failed agents of Marduk, and Enlil’s Dark Brotherhood weeded them out.

This is also where we see the rise of the Merovingians. The Merovingians and Rothschilds are the two bloodlines representing Marduk and Enlil, Rothschilds for Enlil, Merovingians for Marduk…both rooted in Babylon, just the Rothschilds came from before Marduk took power. You can easily trace this knowledge. Considering the Merovingians stem from Alexander the Great, leading down to the union of Cleopatra and Caesar and so forth. Constantine was Merovingian (that should be an eye opener…Council of Nicaea anyone?). And then there are the Rothschild Enlilites, stemming back all the way from when Enlil has control of Babylon, created Babylonian money magick to enslave it’s people. (Knowing the Rothschilds, isn’t this exactly what they do today with fractional reserve banking and their central banking system?)…but I’m gettin ahead of myself.

Flash forward a little, and we have the rise of the Pharisees, who in my opinion, are no more than Enlilite elitists, probably stem from this Dark Babylonian Brotherhood. The Pharisees clearly are not loyal to Thoth and Enki, however the Essenes are. The Essenes would create avatars for Thoth or possibly Enki to return if needed. And without Marduk around, I’d say the Pharisees, Enlilites controlling the Romans, were running rampant and Thoth thought it was time. Well the Pharisees/Enlilites knew the Essenes were doing this, and they hunted down Yeshua (Jesus), the avatar for Thoth. Yeshua evaded them and then began his training at his “father’s house”, the Temple of Poseidon, the house of Enki in Atlantis before it fell. The original lodge of the Great White Brotherhood, some say it ended up underground with Atlantis, some say it is in the Tibet mountains, I’ve heard Hittites before; I’m not sure on location but that’s where Yeshua went for 18 years, A) to learn to become an ascended master again in his new avatar, and to hide from brainwashed Romans/Pharisees aka Enlilites. Notice how Yeshua just sort of knew what he had to do. This is because when Thoth reincarnates, he gets to keep his memories from his previous avatar (Emerald Tablets). In rebellion and spite of the Pharisees’ manipulation tactics, Roman Emperor Constantine portrays Yeshua as this savior of man, only son of god, Horus, the Sun god of Egypt, and gets everyone worshipping him as “Jesus”. He even changes the worship day to”Sun”day, which is not the last day of the week, the day of rest. That day was named Saturday…hmmmm? The holidays he intertwined into Christianity are based around Horus and Ishtar, reincarnations of Marduk and Isis. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Osiris, a reincarnation of Enki, father to Horus (reincarnated Marduk). Easter is the celebration of the fertility goddess, Easter/Ishtar/Isis/Mother Earth. Weird how Easter is celebrated about 9 months before Christmas….hmmmm. And don’t even get me started on that human sacrificial, cannibalistic ritual that takes place every “Sun”day. See what they do?

So after the Romans get tricked into murdering Yeshua for the Pharisees, the Romans get pissed off, having betrayed their Sun god, Amen Ra (Marduk). This happens some 90 years later, but the Romans start to become Christian and exile the Pharisees after they’d learned what had really went down with Yeshua. Basically their loyalty was lost and needed a new manipulating religion, and they chose Christianity. The Pharisees then regroup in a place called Khazaria. Here is where they were finally able to practice the Talmud, aka Satanism according to Yeshua, the real way they wanted to. There are two Talmuds, the one used today and the Babylonian Talmud. The Babylonian Talmud is messed up, encouraging pedophilia, blood sacrifice, really egotistical, Satanic stuff, describes people as worthless slaves; it’s almost like it was handwritten by Enlil based on his beliefs about humanity. It gives very little spiritual advice like the Kabbalah does, just sort of brainwashes people into submitting (sound familiar?)….Enlil repressive control.

The Satanic Khazars were out of control, stealing all supplies and food from traveling merchants, stealing kids for sacrificing rituals and generally just doing the most evil things imaginable in public. The Roman Catholics decided they were not going to have this anymore and made the Khazars choose an Abrahamic religion…they chose Judaism. So they killed off a bunch of the last tribes of Judea, possibly all of them, stole their stuff, their heritage, their destiny, like they always did. These are today’s Zionists. Well, China, and the newly forming Russia decide to double team Khazaria and take them out. From here on out you will always see China and Russia being stomped on by Rothschilds in power. They held the grudge big time, it’s still evident today.

Khazarians once again scatter, some I think join the church becoming the Knights Templars, some form their own societies. During the dark ages , and the rise of the Templars, this is where we really see a very dark turn in Catholicism, we start to see secret societies branch out exponentially. After the Khazars scatter out, the Church goes on a rampage to hoard all esoteric knowledge. I think they were unaware of just what kind of knowledge the Khazarians had and were now terrified others possessed it too. They find, burn, torture, and kill anything and anyone that contains knowledge which may interfere with their mass manipulation. This is all still just Marduk vs. Enlil, and now another half-Anunnaki player known as Nannar Sin or Allah, the moon deity.

Now Marduk is back, and taking back some of his power and influence through the Roman Catholic Church, and using his bloodline, the Merovingians, to do so. Roman Emperor Constantine was Merovingian, who basically painted Jesus as this messiah. Why? Because the Pharisees, the Enlil clan hated him. The new Talmud says he was a murderer and a fraud. Both were plays to control the masses because everyone had such an infatuation with Yeshua. The Medicis were Merovingian, who basically ran The Church for a while and built the Renaissance. After the Khazars fell, the Merovingians and Marduk took back over.

This lasted a few hundred years, until the Rothschilds step in…Enlil starting to regain position. The Rothschilds stem back from the kings of Khazaria, who stems back to the Pharisees, Dark Brotherhood, true Enliltes. They take Babylonian money magick to the next level. They almost immediately take control of the Medici banking empire, don’t give two craps about who sits on the throne, which is why they just let Merovingians act as their puppet. They want control of the money, and more importantly, they want the masses to be forced to compete for money. This is how the Rothschilds have us enslaved unconsciously. They have funded both sides of every war, have built and still control the mainstream media to propagate more war, using invasions by America, aka the New Babylon. They toil the earth for gold, oil, diamonds etc…so they can control it and present it to Enlil. To Enlil and Marduk, it’s all about who looks the best when Nibiru comes back. Whoever can provide the Anunnaki with the most resources, can show self sustaining obedient human, will be the hero to Anu and their race.

So, I mean, this is exactly what we see today, this is how Judaism, and in turn all religion has effected our world, how these Anunnaki beings manipulate us through religion. It’s important to understand this stuff because breaking free from this matrix, this illusion of cah, is multi-dimensional. We need to escape political control on our minds, religious control, money control, materialism in general to start to understand life’s mysteries, to shed as much ego as we can before our transformation.

(Pictures references: to me the representation of Superman and Zod mimics Marduk and Enlil. It’s all there. You have superman’s father Jor-El, a chief scientist on Krypton, charged with creating and manipulating genetics of humans. You have Zod, a military commander, treated Jor-El like a brother but had opposite philosophies towards humanity. Then you have Jor-El sending his first born son, Kal-El to save humanity from darkness. Superman gets his energy from the sun, Marduk is the sun god. These characters fit to a T. The house of El, El is an ancient surname for god. That’s why I used that pic. The sigil of the Merovingians is underneath Supes because that is the sigil for Marduk, the bull. The sigil for the Rothschilds is under Zod because it is their sigil, and the symbol for Enlil is the eagle. Both at the top. I really want to get some insight about this as I think we are incredibly close to finding out all this stuff.


Credit: William Joseph (Facebook)

Truth, Honor & Integrity Show with Thomas Williams 19th Oct 2017

This weeks Truth Honor & Integrity show covers the civil unrest in Spain & Catalonia and the fact that Main Stream Media turning a blind eye and reporting that the Catalonians are rioting which is untrue. The Harvey Weinstein issue unfolds with the covering of more elite reports of pedophilia, sexual abuse and rape.

The Crips gang in Los Angeles have been employed by the Bush organisation to enforce their agenda but a warning was sent out and this is thought not to be an issue anymore.

Thomas reports that Hilary Clinton has fled the USA to the UK due to the fact that there is a bounty on her head. She is thought to be under the protection of the Knights of Malta.

Also covered is the Direct Energy Devices which caused the fires in California.


The Roman Catholic hierarchy: a cabal of power that moves under the guise of benevolence

(Photo: Aleteia Image Department / flickr)

Adapted from chapter 7 of our chairman Dr. Stephen D. Mumford’s book, American Democracy and the Vatican: Population Growth and National Security (1984). The book is available at Kindle here, and is available to read for free here.

Catholic Hospitals: The Roles They Serve and Don’t Serve

For years after I had completed a doctorate in public health and had worked for some time in hospitals and clinics, I was still under the impression that the Catholic Church substantially supported and administered hospitals solely because of its concern for the social value of health. I assumed that the Church was in the hospital business because of the value of the enterprise. More recently, I have become aware that Catholic hospitals receive billions of dollars in federal monies, although they sharply restrict the delivery of family-planning services. All couples (Catholic and non-Catholic) who use these facili­ties for fertility related services are provided less than adequate medical care and those who do not have easy access to non-Catholic hospital services find certain choices restricted altogether.

I have learned that bishops regard the building of Catholic hospi­tals next in importance to the building of churches and schools, not only because of the general social value of hospitals but also because they serve a useful purpose in winning and holding Church members.[31] During times of illness or death, whether one’s own or that of a family member, people are most vulnerable to exploitation. Examples of this exploitation abound. Catholic hospitals are used as partisan and sectarian agencies in spite of public claims by the clergy that they are “community enterprises.” Similarly, priests attempt to impose as much of their moral code as possible on non-Catholics using Catholic hospital services, particularly in such areas as contraceptive sterilization.[32]

Absolutism and Controls (or Morals) and Their Implications for Family Planning

With the recent advances of medicine that have allowed embryo trans­fers, test-tube babies, and artificial insemination, many Americans have been perplexed by the Catholic Church’s strong negative responses to these advances, given the Church’s so-called pro-life posi­tion. However, Americans should not be perplexed.

The Church claims that such conceptions are against “natural” law, and great pains are taken to defend this doctrine with elaborate theological reasoning, all of it sheer nonsense. There is a different reason for its opposition. The very existence of the Church is threat­ened by these advances. How?

The Catholic Church is an absolute monarchy under absolute and infallible leadership. The Church claims and actually exercises sovereignty over nearly 800 million Catholics. It has a system of law called “canon law,” and, in the “domain” in which the claim of sover­eignty is made, canon law is applied. Yet, the Catholic hierarchy exer­cises this sovereignty without the direct use of force, armies, police, or weapons. How is this possible?

Instead of using physical weapons, the Church uses psychic weap­ons. The most extreme case was discussed in chapter four: the threat of excommunication. Over the centuries, the Church devised an elabo­rate system of controls that rely nearly completely upon “psychic terrorism.” The concepts of morals and sins which can only be forgiven by certain members of the hierarchy are examples of controls. Of course, it is purported that both have as their ends “goodness,” and adherents believe this. Yet, some thoughtful people recognize other “ends,” including the maintenance of the power of the Catholic hierarchy and the enhancement and advancement of this power.

All tyrannies in human history that relied upon force have disap­peared. Reliance upon force made them conspicuously evil, and people inevitably rose up and destroyed them. What distinguishes the tyranny of the Catholic Church is its explanation of its actions in terms of “virtue.” With the help of great numbers of priests and nuns (today numbering more than one million), the Church has sold the concept of these morals and other controls. Through the Vatican’s constant presentation of the Church’s actions as “virtuous,” recognition of the Church as a tyrant has been thwarted. Characterizing all actions in terms of “goodness” has allowed this tyranny to survive for nearly two thousand years while all others have failed. The effectiveness of the Vatican in convincing the world of the “virtue” of these morals and other controls is best exhibited by American acceptance of the incredi­ble new claim of papal infallibility in the 1870s, despite the fact that it was obviously a move to maintain vast power in the Vatican. It is almost inconceivable that Americans would have accepted this obvious grab for power. (Currently only 50 percent of Catholic Ameri­cans believe in the papal claim of infallibility.) The Catholic hierarchy has been appropriately described as a cabal of power that moves under the guise of benevolence. How could this be possible in America?

The pope and the Vatican promote only the most obedient and loyal priests to positions of authority in the hierarchy. It is an exten­sive review process for promotion of only the most conditioned and indoctrinated. Those who are not are culled as quickly as possible. Hans Kung and Father Drinan are examples. This process assures maintenance of the tyranny but at the same time “changes or adjust­ments from within” are made most difficult or impossible. In general, this highly obedient hierarchy tells its American priests in great detail what to believe. Usually, the parish priest has no strong inclination toward heretical belief inasmuch as he is the product of the Catholic educational system. A glance at any biographical list of prominent Catholic clergy shows how few of them ever stray from the Catholic educational system.

Since the Vatican has no military apparatus or personnel to physi­cally impose its laws (canons) and maintain and expand its power, it must control its communicants through their minds and through social action. To accomplish this, they use their control over their priests, including American priests.

The Vatican has drawn up a set of rules (morals) by which all must abide. Since the hierarchy had to rely upon more than one million subordinates to ensure that the laity abided by these rules, they had to make these rules simple. The “end” desired by the Church was to out-reproduce non-Catholics everywhere, and many of the rules or laws (morals) of the Church are devoted to this purpose.

To ensure that these rules are enforceable, they made them both simple and absolute. They related to sterilization, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, prostitution, masturbation, and so forth. No exceptions were allowed or ever entertained. Absolutism. With this modality, the Church cannot afford the luxury of exceptions. With interpretations, rules break down.

This, combined with the absolutism imposed by the claim of “infallibility,” is the real source of the opposition of the Catholic Church to family planning and population growth control. So much of the Church is built on the absolutes related to population growth that it cannot even permit “embryonic transfer” without taking a signifi­cant risk that the whole system of morals might collapse around them. As soon as the Church begins making exceptions, the whole system of controls would be in jeopardy. Ultimately, there would be so many exceptions and so many special cases that moral judgment would have to shift to the local priests and then to local people. The power of the Vatican would be considerably weakened.

If one examines all of the sex-related prohibitions of the Church, the common denominator is the promotion of the quantity of Catho­lics produced! This is not a coincidence. There are few exceptions. The needs of the Church with regard to a cadre of celibate priests were dis­cussed earlier, as was the fact that Catholic education represents the rock upon which the whole Church rests and that celibate nuns who work for low wages are the backbone of that system.[33] These two exceptions represent “higher order” needs of the Church than repro­duction. Imposed celibacy certainly represents the highest form of perversion of the “natural order,” yet celibacy of nuns and priests is an additional absolute.


[31] Paul Blanshard, American Freedom and Catholic Power, p. 117.
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